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Chamber of Remorse

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Chamber of Remorse
Chamber of Remorse
Location Info

Chamber of Remorse is a location in Dragon's Dogma. One of the chambers in The Everfall. The first room is free of enemies and houses the vendor Joye.

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  • Somehow, although not being present within the Chambers of Remorse, the Main Pawn will state that the Arisen should be wary for corrupted pawns in the transition room between the exit to The Everfall and the chamber the 2 bosses lurk.
  • Seeing as the Golem sits atop a bridge overlooking the site of the Armored Cyclops, it is very likely that the Golem will fall below into the same area. A player with ranged attacks can use this to their advantage by attacking from a distance above both bosses. Contrariwise, this could prove difficult for a melee player should they happen to get stuck in the crossfire between the two large enemies and their many grimgoblins.

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