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The Chimera is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma.


A fearsome beast bearing the heads of both a lion and a goat while its tail takes the form of a giant snake. The Chimera’s features so differentiate it from the natural world that it is believed by most to be born not of God’s power, but of the sorcerer's arts. The three beasts that reside within the creature each possess an independent will, and this ability to act autonomously is frighteningly apparent to anyone who comes to blows with the Chimera.

While the mobilization of its massive torso and legs is largely under the command of the lion head, the goat specializes in magickal attacks and the snake head on the Chimera’s tail eliminates all blind spots and allows it to defend itself when downed. Adventurers would be foolish to approach a fallen Chimera without caution if the snake is still able to fight.

On rare occasions, the Chimera can be sent into a panic that will cause its respective personalities to fight for control of the body in a confused frenzy. Such behavior is not seen in other multi-headed beasts, such as the Hydra, and so it appears another piece of evidence supporting the theory that the Chimera is a man-made monster.

Chimeras are highly adaptive and can survive in any habitat, but they are most often observed in mountain shadows and deep in dungeons. They do not make a den or any other home for themselves as they are constantly on the prowl in search of new prey.

Information and StatsEdit

General InfoEdit

Type Monster / Boss
Experience gained Base Exp of 7,700

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:


Chimera also appear at The Greatwall, conjured by Salvation; and during the quest The End at the Beginning.


Health Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense Weight
30,000 900 250 150 260 2,000 kg

Damage TakenEdit

Slash Bash Fire Ice Thunder Holy Dark
75% 75% 180% 100% 100% 100% 100%


Attack Type Description
Leap Attack Phys Pounces its target.
Bite Phys The lion will bite anyone standing in front of it.
Back Kick Phys Uses its hind legs to kick anyone standing behind it.
Roar Spec The lion roars and knocks back anyone in the vicinity or climbing on it. Any attacking pawn or Arisen is thrown back further. This can be blocked with a shield or magick shield.
Extinguish Phys Rolls on the ground if caught on fire or to dislodge enemies.
Lion's Meal Phys The lion pounces on a sleeping or downed target and proceeds to feast on them. Wiggling the L-stick to break free.
Blind Rampage Phys If the lion is the last head alive it will go berserk, charging at random targets until it has sustained enough damage or is knocked down.
High Levin Mag/Status Smites the enemy from above with a tongue of lightning. Causes Thundershock.
Sopor Status Puts nearby enemies to sleep, usually followed up with a Lion's Meal attack.
Frigor Mag Generates a giant spire of ice at enemies.
Miasma Status Spits a cloud of deadly poison out of its mouth on the ground. Causes Poison if caught in the cloud.
Lunge Phys Lunges at anyone in range or if there is anyone on the Chimera.
Grab Phys Grab a target and hoists them into the air, while the other heads chew on them until they free themselves (wiggle L-stick). Sometimes the snake will throw ensnare a target towards the lion head (which will be followed by a Lion's Meal attack) or towards the goat head (which will inflict Drenched).

Item DropsEdit

Dropped Item Regular Drop (%) Lion Head Destroyed (%) Goat Head Destroyed (%) Snake Head Destroyed (%) Using Pilfer Skill (%)
Freakish Claw 25% 50% - - -
Freakish Mane 25% 30% 70% - -
Freakish Scale 25% - - 70% -
Black Freakish Scale - - - - 34%
Jewel of Vicissitude 2% - rare - 9%
Detoxicating Powder - - - - 23%
Peppermint Seed - - - - 23%
Tagilus's Miracle - - - - 8%
Ring of Gules - - - - 1%
Ring of Azure - - - - 1%
Ring of Purpure - - - - 1%
Snakeskin - - - 30% -
Rift Crystal 3% - - - -


100% - - - -
  1. Post-Game only. Having all three dragon tears in the player's possession guarantees the Wakestone drop and improves the chances of dropping the above items.

Tactics Edit

Chimera vulnerability demonstration02:39

Chimera vulnerability demonstration

When inflicted with Torpor and Silence, a Chimera's attacks are slowed down considerably and is rendered unable to cast spells. Use a Rusted Weapon to inflict Torpor and a Golden Weapon to infllict Silence, as demonstrated here. 6 Masterful Kill counters in Hard mode, with no armor, buffs, curatives or Wakestones used.


  • Vulnerable to Torpor, Blind, and Tarred, Sleep
  • Weak against Fire.
  • The three heads take significantly more damage than the body.
    • The lion's head is weak to magic
    • The goat's head is weak to physical attacks
  • If the Arisen climbs the area of the Chimera between the snake and the goat, swings with a one-handed sword can hit both sections.

Defensive Edit

  • Vulnerable to Silence - the goat's head will still attempt to cast spells, but with no effect.
  • Targeting the snake's head first can make close quarters combat less troublesome.
  • Killing the lion's head reduces the overall aggression and tendency to rage of the beast.
  • Beware the Chimera's pounces and back kicks - both can be Perfect Blocked.
    Chimera slaying tips (slain with only a White Hawk's Talon)02:18

    Chimera slaying tips (slain with only a White Hawk's Talon)

    When outnumbered, eliminate the smaller enemies first and engage the biggest threat last. Use the terrain's natural obstacles to attack the Chimera from the rear and decapitate the Snake tail first. A Chimera is most dangerous from the front, so attack the Goat and Lion heads from the side or while mounting it. While ranged attacks are safer, melee attacks can more easily knock it down. The Arisen is undamaged in this Hard mode demonstration, and no armor, buffs, curatives or Wakestones are used.

Pawn Bestiary Knowledge Edit

  • Chimera Tactics - Specific tactics to beat Chimeras.
  • Chimera Strategy Vol. 1 - Kill the snake tail first to make climbing and attacking easier.
  • Chimera Strategy Vol. 2 - Silence the goat to make it unable to cast any spells.
  • Use magickal attacks on the Lion head as it is weak to Magick.
  • Killing the goat head first will increase aggression as the lion takes control of the body. It will pounce around randomly and violently. May not be a needed knowledge flag.
  • Killing the lion head first will decrease aggression as the goat takes control of the body. It will only be able to cast spells and will mostly try to run away from the attacking party. May not be a needed knowledge flag.

Enemy Specific :

In addition to witnessing these techniques, it may be necessary for Pawns to participate in killing 30 Chimeras either with their own Arisen or while travelling with others.

More information can be found on the Pawn Bestiary Knowledge page.


  • In Greek mythology Chimeras are described as they appear in the world of Dragon's Dogma- that is with a lion's head, with a goat's head behind, and a snake's head (or dragon's head) behind that. However, in Greek myth, the chimera could breath fire. See Chimera (mythology) (wikipedia)
    • More generally, a chimera can refer to any creature created as a composite of other animals.
    • Chimeras appear in many stories, games, films and plays - see Chimera in popular culture (Wikipedia).
  • If the Chimera is approached unaware, it can be found lounging and/or sleeping.
  • A similar-looking Chimera appears in another Capcom game, Resident Evil 4, as a wall relief in Ramon Salazar's castle.
  • Every Chimera in the game respawns after four days (except for the one in the Wilted Forest, which respawns after three).


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