Chimera Strategy Vol. 2 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An ancient pawn's book that reveals how chimera are vulnerable to silencing."

Teaches pawns to silence a Chimera's goat head.


  • Teaches knowledge and may impart one Bestiary star for Chimeras and Gorechimeras.
  • If the option to use this item is greyed out, it means that all Pawns in the Arisen's party already know the information contained in the scroll.

Location Walkthrough

Caution!: There are numerous pitfalls in The Bluemoon Tower, mostly into the Brine, but some onto hard rocks.

The scroll is located in an extremely hard to reach place on the upper walls of The Bluemoon Tower. The chest can be reached using Levitate or by using the Magick Archer's Sunflare skill. Another viable option is to grab a Snow Harpy, steer it above the platform on which the chest is located, and drop down to that platform.

Levitate or Sunflare

D6 Looking Back2 ann

Roadmap: Jump 1 is from 1 to 2; Jump 2 is from 2 to 4, with a minor jump; Jump 3 is from 4 to

Three long jumps are required to reach the chest as shown in the above synopsis. Either Levitate or Sunflare extended running jumps can be used - with Sunflare, use a Double Vault followed by a Sunflare jump. In either case, a running jump will be required.

Jump 1
D1 Levitate 2

The jump from the platform accessed through the door

The first leap can be taken either from the top of the last flight of the straight stairs, or from the platform after these steps, after passing through the door opened during the quest Griffin's Bane.

(Referring to the above roadmap) Jump either from point 1 or the ledge to the right of point 1 to point 2.

This upper wall ledge can also be reached by a well timed running jump from point 1 followed by a Double Vault - the leaving point, and jumps must be taken at the last moment - typically the Arisen will arrive at 2, hanging on the wall, and must pull themselves up.

Jump 2
D2 Sunflare1 3

Jump 2. Cross the gap east with levitation or Magick Archer's Sunflare

(Referring the roadmap, marked as number 3) The next jump is straight across a large broken section of the wall. A running jump followed by Levitate or Sunflare will land the Arise on the opposite section of wall.

This jump can also be made by a running double jump followed by a Double Vault - typically the jump will not be far enough and the jumper will land on broken rock before the stable flat platform - a second quick jump here will allow the Arisen to escape a fall, leaving them dangling on the side of the wall, to pull themselves up.

D3 Small Jump

The small jump - After crossing the first large gap, jump to the next wall running to the north

Next a small jump is required to reach the next wall section at right angles. (jump 4 on the roadmap above) An ordinary jump diagonally towards the wall will work.

Jump 3
D4 Sunflare2 2

Jump 3. Cross the large gap to the north with levitation or Magick Archer's Sunflare skill

The third and last long jump is across another broken section of wall. Either a running jump with Leviate or Sunflare will work. If using Sunflare, a soft landing can be achieved by using Instant Reset before the landing.

Save before opening the chest. The chances of obtaining the Chimera Strategy Vol. 2 scroll are around 40 %. However, the chest might also contain a Nimble Earring or an Iris Ring.

Dragons Dogma - Chimera Vol

Dragons Dogma - Chimera Vol. 2 jump

It is also possible to use Double Vault for this jump, by jumping slightly to the left and then using the Double Vault jump as late as possible to latch onto the side of the landing platform.

It is also possible for Magick Archers to clear the gap with a running jump, double jump, Sunflare combination.

Video Walkthrough

The following is a video that illustrates the walkthrough described above. Note that the Magick Archer pauses (37 seconds in) between the first and second Sunflare jumps. She turns to the south and looks on the column where Badge of Vows 97 can be found.

Chimera Scroll

Chimera Scroll

video walkthrough of the route from the outer path platform to the chest using sunflare

Harpy ride

Arisen without the Sunflare or Levitation skills can grab onto a Snow Harpy below the chest and ride it upwards. This in not inordinately difficult, but may require some practice.

D6 Looking Back3

Fig. 6: Looking back from the chest


  • Godsbaning could be used to obtain the item.
  • Jumping with Sunflare is considered easier than using Levitate for this particular chest.

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