Clairvoyance is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Clarity. Holds the blade in wait, merely deflecting and countering attacks from a greater range, pulling more foes into the attack."

A counter skill that will perform a powerful spinning riposte on enemy attacks. Clairvoyance must be activated shortly before an enemy attacks to initiate the counter strike, similar to a Perfect Block with a shield, but with a larger time window.

Usage and tactics

  • When used correctly, Clarity and Clairvoyance function as alternatives to a shield.
    • The counter-timing is more generous than that of Perfect Blocking.
    • A wider range of attacks can be blocked by a shield. (e.g. Saurian Spit, Arrows)
    • Useful defensively when using a bow as the secondary weapon; mitigates the lack of a Forward Roll to a sword-equipped Assassin.
  • High knockback and knockdown.
  • An outward slash will not be used if the riposte is used on a bigger monster like a Cyclops.
  • Does not protect against grabs.
  • Compared to Clarity, Clairvoyance has a circular slash as counter, instead of a stabbing strike with a narrow attack arc.