Cockatrice Strategy Vol. 2 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An ancient pawn's book that advises attacking a cockatrice's throat sac as it unleashes its petrifying breath."

Teaches pawns to attack the bulging throat sac of a Cockatrice before it unleashes its petrifying breath attack.

Chest (cockatrice strategy 2)

In the chest under the green 'V'

May be found in a chest on scaffolding adjacent to the wall of the northern gatehouse, at the far northern end of The Shadow Fort - the scaffolding is just right of the main door to the keep.


  • Using the scroll bestows this knowledge on any Pawn travelling with the Arisen if they lack such experience thus far.
  • If the option to use this item is greyed out, it means that all the Pawns in your party already know the information contained in the scroll.

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