Conquest Road is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Conquest Road is the road traveled east after crossing the bridge north of Gran Soren. The road borders the Deos Hills just south of Windbluff Tower towards the curve nearest to the coast. The path is frequented by pawn travellers, Goblins and Snow Harpies.



The porters and travellors Bonneau, Eugen, Ewald, Otzi, and Walker, as well as the soldiers Ser Malkovich, and Ser Sterling may be found on this road, together with wandering Pawns.

There may also be Goblins, or Saurians on a rock south of the road, as well as some Fauna ; further north, nearer Windbluff some Harpys are found feasting on an Oxes carcass. At night skeletons are found on the portion of the road nearer to Gran Soren, near the bridge.

During Post-Game a Wyvern may amnbusg the party, near Windbluff Tower.