Crows are naturally occurring Fauna in Dragon's Dogma.


Crows are a species of bird found throughout Gransys. They are commonly found perched among forests and caverns. They easily blend in with the environment when they are roaming the earth, and by the time they are noticed, they will startle and fly away. Although they do not have much health, their size and ability to fly make up for this.

Crows are common in the Witchwood, around The Abbey, along the road through the Wilted Forest, and also along the path from Windworn Valley to Pastona Cavern, and in parts of the Bluemoon Tower.

In Bitterblack Isle, they are found in Duskmoon Tower, and the Corridor of Emptiness.


Dead crows drop Eggs, Kindling, or Coin Pouches, or rarely Golden Eggs or Gold Ore.



  • As crows are very skittish when approached, they are easiest to slay at range with bows or magic staff bolts.
  • They often drop 100 RC when slain by a person with the Fortune augment equipped.
  • Can be drenched.