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Cursed Carving is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A seemingly ensorceled statue. Its eerie countenance seems ready to emit a foul poison at any moment."
"A combinable material. A rarity. Favored by members of the Faith."

The Cursed Carving is a very heavy false idol, found only in the Wilted Forest.

Where to find all 3 Cursed Carvings02:58

Where to find all 3 Cursed Carvings

The 3 Cursed Carvings are located in the Wilted Forest (near the Abbey), west of Gran Soren.


Location Description Images
In a circle of Loneflowers just outside of and west of The Abbey.

(A one off find)

Visual of Location


Map Location

In the Wilted Forest atop a large stone formation that is near the area of the Chimera. Look for the highest rock formation in that region and climb it. At its peak, near the branch, should be the carving.

(A one off find)

Visual of Location


Map Location

Can be found in either of the chests outside The Abbey, on the route down to the Prayer Falls - the chests may contain other items.
In the river facing niche of a low rock form midway up the river bank. Found halfway between the ford between the Wilted Forest and Cursewood, and the Prayer Falls.

Visual of Location


Map Location

Related quests


2 Star Enhancement

3 Star Enhancement


Component to

Item Item Product
Cursed Carving + Catacomb Gold = Headless Icon



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