Cursewood is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Cursewood is a forested region to the northwest of Gran Soren, lying on the far side of the river opposite the Wilted Forest, and west of the Deos Hills. All travelers heading to the The Ruins of Heavenspeak Fort and The Greatwall must pass through the Cursewood.

Two roads pass through and meet in the Cursewood - a north-south path fording the river coming from the Wilted Forest, and heads towards Heavenspeak; it meets an east west path from the Deos Hills at a junction in the center of the forest. To the east of the northern path, as it rises towards the fort is the East Entrance to Soulflayer Canyon located in a gully off the main road.

The woods are home to female bandits, Chimera, Wolves and a Cyclops. At night Skeleton Lords appear, as well as a Wight near the northern riverbank on the eastern fringe.

The part of the forest west of the main road is sparsely inhabited, but contains some Deer and male bandits both at a campsite in the north, and at the Beast Cave.


Reminishroom is common here. Grandgrapes and Apples may be found in limited quantities.

Note : chest loot lists are incomplete
Map Chest Loot
Cursewood chests
1 Sectional Iron Plate, Unspoken Grace, Iron Headgear
2 Giant Coin Pouch, Blank Scroll, Ancient Scroll, Hemp
3 Coin Pouch, Harspud Juice, Interventive, Foreign Knife, Throwblast, Adventurer's Cloak, Iron Lorica, Snagdaggers
4 Harspud Sauce, White Wine, Red Wine, Desiccated Herbs
5 Sectional Iron Plate, Unspoken Grace, Iron Headgear
6 Bone Armor, Leather Gloves, Incognito Mask
7 See Beast Cave
8 Pickled Mushrooms, Harspud Juice, Coin Pouch, Desiccated Herbs
9 Salomet's Secret, Tagilus's Miracle, Large Coin Pouch, Steel Nut Salve, Decoction of Bandlily
10 Morgenstern, Tight Cinquedea, Gran Soren Shield.
11 Giant Coin Pouch, Blank Scroll, Ancient Scroll, Hemp