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Dark is one of the five elemental attributes in Dragon's Dogma.


Dark is one of the five Elemental Attributes or Archmagicks in Dragon's Dogma - in several respects Dark is the opposite of Holy - generally enemies weak to holy will be strong to dark, and vice versa.

Few enemies in Dragon's Dogma are weak to Dark-based spells, weapons, and attacks; and most undead and related creatures are strongly resistant. The Dragon and Saurian Sages show some weakness to the element.

Bitterblack Isle enemies weak to dark are the Dark Bishop, Elder Ogres, Maneaters, and Sirens.

Dark-based abilities are commonly associated with non-elemental debilitations like Blind, Poison, Torpor and Silence.

Critical hits

Damaging Dark attacks accumulate with every hit to the enemy, and will eventually cause a "critical hit" should their Dark threshold be breached - for example, Dark-enchanted Magick Bolts: Successive (non-blocked) hits will eventually result in a critical hit, inflicting up to 9x damage (the multiplier can be between 2x and 9x for more powerful enemies). For example, striking Barroch or Olra with a gold-rarified Rooted Gloom, results in a critical hit after every 7 hits. 

The size of a monster may also be a factor. A Cyclopes takes over a dozen successive hits to breach the threshold, whilst an Ox usually is critically hit after under six strikes; some small creatures such as spiders or snakes have no resistance to critical strikes and take a critical hit 100% of the time.

Neither magic or physical attack or defense increase the critical hit multiplier. Neither does dark resistant equipment reduce the chance of a critical hit - only the innate 'species' resistance is a factor. Boosting potions and periapts do not increase the critical hit chance, but a dark enchantment (such as Dark Affinity) on top of an already dark enchanted weapon does.

Physical (Kunai, Rooted Gloom) and magical attacks (Stagnant Surge) from dark enchanted weapons can both inflict critical damage.

A critical hit is indicated by tendrils of dark 'anti-energy' flashing through the target.

Creature resistances

Many enemies in Gransys show resistance to dark magic: both Hydra and Archydra are highly resistant; as are all Undead and Skeletons - the Ur-Dragon also resists dark attacks, as do most ghosts, as well as Evil Eyes

Both Goblins and Hobgoblins show mild resistance, as do some bandits.

Creatures weak to dark include the dragon Grigori and Saurian Sages. Post-Grigori creatures such as the Gorechimera are often resistant to dark magic.

Skills and Equipment

Spells and skills


  • A weapon enchanted with Dark Boon has about the same critical chance as a normal permanently enchanted dark weapon eg Kunai - overenchanting with the boon spell does not seem to increase critical chance, but using the higher level Dark Affinity does.
  • The critical hit appears to be a secondary effect of the dark magic, just as burning is a secondary effect of fire, frozen to ice, or thundershock to lightning - as such resistance is not granted by elemental resistances.
    • There are no known items that give protection against dark critical hits.
    • As the critical hits are a secondary effect it is possible that higher enhanced, dragonforged, and rarified weapons may give a higher critical chance.(verify)