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Dark Affinity

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Dark Affinity
Skill Sorc Dark Affinity
Skill Info
Mage / Sorcerer
DP Cost
Rank Req.
Mage / Sorcerer (Rank 6)
Staff / Archistaff (Dark)

Dark Affinity is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Dark Boon that extends and amplifies the enchantment, as well as the recipient's Magick."


  • For general details of weapon enchantment spells see weapon enchantment.
  • An advanced version of Dark Boon.
  • With Dark Arisen, it becomes Dark Pact with the Staff Enchanter's Ring or Staff Enchanter's Band equipped.
  • Effective against living creatures and Grigori.
  • Chance to deal additional damage proportionate to your Magick Attack.
  • May inflict Torpor.  
  • Click the left analog stick to cast this spell on your Arisen.
  • Not effective on most monsters as they have high resistance to Dark.
  • Like all affinities, this skill changes the Staff and Archistaff projectile properties, though it combined with Magick Bolt will seek the enemy.

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