Bonus Enhancements are additional boosts given by certain armor items found in Bitterblack Isle in Dark Arisen.

Below is a list of enhancements which may be added to purified Bitterblack Armor Lv.3.

Also note a few enhancements are only available for certain Vocations, as noted below.

Bonus Enhancements

Enhancment lists

Head Armor

Possible bonus enhancement for : Grave Veil, Carrion Veil, Hood of Shadow, Hood of Oblivion, Nether Helm or Hellfire Helm.

Enhancement Notes
"Extends duration of equipped skills."
Skill Effect
Mage's Anodyne, High Anodyne and Grand Anodyne +5 Seconds
Mage's Halidom and High Halidom +5 Seconds
Sorcerer's Miasma and High Miasma +10 Seconds
Sorcerer's Lassitude and High Lassitude +10 Seconds
Sorcerer's Petrifaction and High Petrifaction +10 Seconds
Mystic Knight's Great Cannon +5 Seconds
Mystic Knight's Vortex Sigil +5 Seconds
Magick Archer's Perdition and High Perdition +10 Seconds
Magick Archer's Shadowshackles +5 Seconds
Magick Archer's Magick Rebalancer Sigil by +5s and buff duration by +20s.
Magick Archer's Vortex Trail +5 Seconds
"Boosts Strength when you've been noticed by a large group of enemies." Increases Strength and Magick if spotted by certain number of enemies.
  • By 5% if 1 or 2 enemies.
  • By 10% if 3 or 4 enemies.
  • By 15% if 5 or 6 enemies.
  • By 20% if 7 or 8 enemies.
  • By 25% if 9 or 10 enemies.
  • Not working against enemy Pawns in Chamber of Lament.
"Slightly reduces damage from bow attacks."
"Reduces damage from bow attacks."

Torso Armor

Enhancement Notes
"Gradually restores small amounts of Health." Regenerates 0.9 HP per second.

Stacks with "Restorative Effect" enhancements.

"Gradually restores Health." Regenerates 4.5 HP per second.

Stacks with "Restorative Effect" enhancements.

"Your debilitations naturally heal themselves more quickly than normal." Halves the duration of debilitations.
"Has a slight restorative effect on pawns near you." (Also with Adept's Robe) Regenerates 3 HP per second.
  • Affects Arisen if equipped by Pawns.
  • Stacks with "Restores Health" and other "Restorative Effect" enhancements.

Arm Armor

Enhancement Notes
"Extends duration of attribute boosts applied to you.'" Buffs lasts 50% longer (Strength, Defense, Magick and Magick Defense).

  • This bonus also applies to any extra duration gained through skills like Perpetuation.
"Slightly restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy.'" Restores a percentage amount of the character's Stamina points.
"Restores Stamina when you deliver the killing blow to the enemy.'"

Restores a greater percentage of the character's Stamina.(verify)

  • Sometimes upon purification this affix will only be applied to a certain colored Vocation with the other two colors having the lesser "Slightly restores Stamina..." enhancement instead.
"Boosts the power of normal and magick shields.'" Not available for Grave Claws and Carrion Claws; they will usually have the "Slightly restores Stamina..." enhancement instead.

Leg Armor Enhancements

Enhancement Notes
"Slightly increases maximum item-carrying capacity.'" Increases weight limit by 10kg.
  • Stacks with Sinew.
"Increases maximum item-carrying capacity.'" Increases weight limit by 20kg.
  • Stacks with Sinew.
"Boosts movement speed while casting spells.'" Increase movement speed while preparing spell until release, like Gicel or Seism for example.
  • Does not work if spell is already released and active, like Fulmination.
  • Sometimes upon purification this affix will be replaced by "Prevents wind..." on Grave or Carrion Greaves, but both Red and Yellow Vocations will purify to this affix.
"Prevents wind from affecting mobility.'" Similar to Stability Augment.
"Extends duration of your enemy holds.'" This augment increases the duration of grappling. Grappling is also affected by Stamina, Character Weight and possibly encumbrance, and the stamina drain can be reduced by the augment Fitness.
  • Not available for Grave Greaves and Carrion Greaves. Purifying to either of these items will replace "Extends duration of your enemy holds." with another Leg Armor enhancement


  • Note that there is a chance upon purifying that no enhancement will be added to the item for any of the three Vocation colors outcomes (see Purification) . The absence, presence and type of enhancement may be dependent on the Vocation colors.
    • If you purify an item and get no enhancement, the only way to know if you could get an enhancement with another Vocation color is to load a prior save (use Godsbane) and purify to both other colors.
  • Offline Pawns wearing equipment with Dark Arisen Bonus Enhancements may not receive the benefit of the additional enchantment, even though it is still listed in the equipment's effect - eg Adept's Robe, and Immortal's Armor Set are so affected