Dark Pact is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"An advanced form of Dark Affinity that extends its duration and power, and further boosts the recipient's Magick."

An advanced version of Dark Affinity, Dark Pact enchants weapons with dark magic. With Magick Bolt and Focused Bolt the enchantment creates slow moving oscillatory magic missiles which will seek enemies in close proximity - the bolts are ineffective for enemies at range due to both their slow speed and limited range and lifespan.

Equipping a Staff Enchanter's Band with a Dark Affinity  upgrade changes this skill to Dark Pact. Usable by both  Sorcerers and Mages. Like other dark weapon enchantments dark affinity has a chance to inflict a critical hit on a target


  • An advanced version of Dark Affinity.
  • Contrary to popular belief dark enchantments do not inflict additional damage based on physical attack, defence or magick defence, nor do they inflict torpor.
  • Click the left analog stick to cast this spell on your Arisen.