Dazzle Blast is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Dazzle Hold that tosses an explosive crafted to stun foes within a broader radius."

An advanced version of Dazzle Hold with a large firework display,


Dazzle Blast works as a two phase process :

  1. First, a projectile is thrown forward in a similar manner to which a rock or throwblast might be thrown (similar aiming is required).
  2. The second phase is the explosion of the projectile producing the 'firecracker' effect which stuns enemies.  This is a multiple hit attack and inflicts very little damage.

In addition to stunning or staggering enemies, this skill can inflict debilitations and damage based on the properties of the equipped daggers.

  • In order to inflict a debilitation, the path of the initial projectile must impact the enemy - this enemy will also take damage (based on the equipped dagger's attack strength, elemental and debilitation properties).
  • A hit is effective at inflicting Debilitations innate to the equipped dagger, far more so than simple strikes with the same weapon.
  • Elemental effects (like Frozen or Burning) may also occur if enchanted but are less likely.
  • Only one monster maximum is debilitated for each use of the skill - aiming is key.
  • Only one status effect can be inflicted per skill attempt; thus Aneled daggers will first inflict tarring, and then blindness on a second attempt.
  • Fire-enchanted daggers will inflict burning with regularity on tarred enemies, but rarely on untarred enemies.
  • Successfully inflicting the Frozen debilitation from Ice enchanted daggers (like Chilling Razors) is rare, and the enemy will generally immediately break out of it.

The area stun effect does not do damage or inflict debilitations.

  • Dragonkin and Cockatrices are impervious to the stun effect of this skill, although they may still be debilitated. The Dragon Roar will not be interrupted.
  • While this skill lacks much utility against larger creatures, it will always interrupt smaller foes; this comes in handy against enemies with high stagger resistance like the Corrupted Pawns.
  • Of larger enemies the skill stuns all types of Giant Saurians and Skeleton Brutes.
  • The stun effect is not related to stagger.

See also

  • Thrown Damage - targeting with thrown objects is the same as that for Dazzle Blast.
  • Whistle Dart has a similar interrupting effect.
  • The Strider bow skill Splinter Dart has a very similar effect, but does significant damage instead of stunning.