Deathly Arrow is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Dire Arrow that focuses the user's strength into an even more powerful shot equal to the amount of time spent charging."

An advanced version of Dire Arrow.

With Dark Arisen, it becomes Reaper's Arrow with the relevant Ranger's Ring or Band equipped.


  • The user is unable to move while charging.
  • This ability differs somewhat from other charged abilities in that timing the shot is integral: like other charged abilities, one to two bars will fill on the skill HUD, but if the button is pressed as soon as the second bar fills (a "whoosh" sound will play and the Arisen will flash white), the arrow will loose in slow-motion and do significantly more damage and have higher knockback power. If this is not done, the arrow will simply do slightly more than normal damage.
  • Damage (relative to a core skill longbow shot):
    • Undercharged shot does 50% damage (i.e. premature firing)
    • Single charge level timed shot does ~2x damage
    • Shot taken between first and second charge levels does somewhere between 1x and 2x damage
    • Timed shot at double charge level does 2.5x damage
    • Very well timed shot at double charge level does around 4-8x damage on small monsters and humans - the 'arrow glow' visual effect for a very well timed shot is increased.
    • A shot taken well after double charging does about the same as a plain core skill arrow shot - i.e. the charge time and stamina are wasted.
    • "Timed shot" means a shot taken just as the bar fills, giving a "slow motion" effect and extra glow to the arrow - there appears to be more than one level of enhancement depending on how well-timed the shot is. The same effect can be seen when using Dire Arrow and Reaper's Arrow.
  • Well timed shots show very strong knockback/knockdown effects, similar to that from a successful Great Gamble shot.
  • When correctly timed, the power boost allows the archer to breach the defense values of foes - like ones on Bitterblack Isle - that they might not be able to harm at all with other attacks.
  • The Warrior skill Indomitable Lash also changes strength and power if the release is well timed.