Deer are naturally occurring Fauna in Dragon's Dogma - the only species to be obviously sexually differentiated in the world of Gransys, excluding humans. Deer come in two forms: male Stags and female Does.


Deer are four legged hoofed mammals, similar in weight to an adult man, and much lighter and more agile than an Ox. The males are slightly larger and have antlers. They are very skittish and will usually flee when someone approaches them. They have very low health and can usually be killed with little effort if using magic or a bow.

Deer are quite common throughout Gransys, and often found in wooded or lightly wooded areas, and beside Healing Springs. They are found in the Wilted Forest, Cursewood,southern parts of Northface Forest and northern parts of the Deos Hills west of Conquest Road, at the northern Healing Spring.

They are also found at Duskmoon Tower on Bitterblack Isle.


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On being killed a Deer's corpse may yield Beast-Steak (~40%), Scrag of Beast (~30%), or Ambrosial Meat (<2%).

The skill Master Thief can be used to obtain either a Berry, Carrot, Greenwarish, Large Nut, Mithridate, Potent Greenwarish, Twigbean, or Peppermint Seed from a deer.



  • They occasionally drop 100 RC when slain by a person with the Fortune augment equipped.