Demonswrath is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Demonspite that converts damage sustained while blocking into more powerful bolts of magick."

An advanced version of Demonspite, that lasts twice as long, and is around 50% more powerful.

Notes, usage and tactics

Spell Duration
Demonspite ~ 1.5 minutes
Demonswrath ~ 3 minutes

Demonspite and Demonswrath convert blocked attacks into a magickal charge on the shield, which can be released for a single massive attack once fully charged.

Charge and discharge

  • Generally, around 20 - 30 blocked attacks, or 5 or 6 Perfect Blocked attacks are required to fully charge the magick shield.
  • When fully charged, the magick shield will swirl in darkness and make a loud whirling noise.
  • When ready to counterattack, reactivate the shield spell again to inflict Dark damage and stagger lightweight enemies.
  • Once executed, these spells have a vulnerable recovery period - this can be avoided by jumping immediately once the spell is cast.

Damage and tactics

When activated, the Arisen will extend their arms to each side, briefly stunning enemies around them while dealing little damage, and proceed to emit a large shockwave of Dark energy forward with more reach and damage, and additional knockback power.

  • The maximised spell releases a powerful dark shockwave in front of the Arisen, in a relatively narrow cone - multiple enemies can be damaged. The range of effect is similar to the icy blast from High Frazil.
  • Damage from release of the un-maximised spell is low, and remains constant until the shield is fully charged. The low level discharge has limited range, affecting only a short distance directly in front of the Arisen.
  • The spell is purely magickal and has no physical component - it is well boosted by items such as Demon's Periapt.
  • The fully charged spell is powerful - with a secondary magick power of under 700 a single blast can slay a Chimera if correctly aimed.

The initial incantation of the spell finishes with a small shockwave, which may cause knockdown - one should be careful even incanting this spell in Gran Soren, as guards consider it an offense.