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Deny Salvation
The Elysion
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
The Greatwall
Reward and Responsibility
Next Quest
The Final Battle
40,000 Gold
30,000 Exp.
50 Rift Crystals
Main Quest
Royal Orders Quest

Deny Salvation is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Recapture the The Greatwall and rout the Salvation cultists within.


Deny Salvation occurs after the Cockatrice has been slain in the quest Honor and Treachery.

To initiate this quest, speak with Aldous at the Duke's Demesne and accept to go on the expedition. Visit the Duke in his Solar on the second floor, he seek to equip you, and lead you to the Treasury; once in the treasury a messenger will enter and say that the leader of Salvation has attacked The Greatwall. The Duke will decide that the expedition can wait and sends the Arisen to retake the fort instead.


Travel to the Greatwall Encampment, here there is a Rift Stone and Rest Camp and place to buy supplies outside.

After passing through the portcullis, venturing about halfway across the large yard, towards the Salvation Members in which your presence will cause them to flee. As they retreat, two Armored Cyclopes enter the courtyard, along with numerous Snow Harpies. After defeating the enemies, giving chase to the Salvation members will take you into the main keep of The Greatwall.

Here the option exists to assault directly upwards to the highest point of the keep - the longer alternative route allows a number of allied guards to be rescued, and may allow an easier rear attack on enemies holding the path upwards.

A narrow passageway leading east within the keep is guarded by Skeleton Knights; beyond is a room with a barred door and a weakened section of wall - break the wall with an Explosive Barrel or powerful magic or attack. Beyond the wall, stairs continue down the stairs to a room with half a dozen Skeleton Warriors, and three guards. After dispatching the skeletons, a guard will open a gate to a chest.

From this room, continuing up the stairs and past several Salvation Mages will bring you into a hall, containing a Chimera and two ballistae. Dispatch the Chimera and a guard will unlock the door at the end of the room, allowing you to progress into a room with several chests, and then onward to an exterior stairway.

On the stairway more Skeletons including some Skeleton Mages oppose the Arisen. If rescued from the skeletal onslaught a guard here will open another locked gate, allowing you access to a room with a chest. An alternative route exists through a breakable section of wall. Here the badge for the quest Badge of Vows 39 can be found.

Onward and upward leads to another room and a Skeleton Lord and guard. If the guard does not die during the battle he will open yet another chest-bearing room to the side.

The main gate opens on to the keep's roof. Entering initiates the final encounter with the Elysion, who sacrifices two Salvation followers and resurrects them as Wights. (Here is the only chance to obtain the Badge of Vows 40, which is stuck high up above the portcullis.)

Defeat the Wights and summoned Undead to complete the quest - on dispatching the Wights the Elysion returns for another monologue, but is cut short by the dramatic entry of the Dragon.

On leaving the keep, if the Arisen's Bond had been gifted it will be found on the ground outside the keep, indicating that likely something untoward has happened to the Beloved. The quest The Final Battle now becomes available.


Enemies include Salvation Members, Skeleton Knights, Undead, a Chimera and two Wights. The men within the keep include Ser Bacell, Ser Diggan, Ser Holtor, Ser Thurstance, Ser Jirco, Ser Cronnel, Ser Estoma, Ser Faerma and Ser Gerrick.

Preparation and considerationsEdit

  • After the Treasury scene, the quest to rescue Lady Aelinore (Duchess In Distress) will become available if the prerequisite quests have been completed.
  • This quest is the only opportunity for the Arisen to collect the Badge of Vows 39, Badge of Vows 40, and Badge of Vows 87. The keep of the Greatwall will no longer be accessible after this quest. In particular the location of Badge of Vows 40 is only available during the final confrontation of this quest and becomes inaccessible when both Wights are defeated.
  • The character with the highest affinity for you will become the Beloved during this quest and affects the story onwards. Thus, immediately before and during this quest is the last chance to get the desired character as the beloved.
  • Many enemies in this quest are weak to holy and include strong spellcasters who are likely to be out of the range of melee attacks.
  • This will be the only opportunity to loot the treasure chests inside the keep of the Greatwall.


  • If the quest is incompleted after one week the creatures of the keep excluding the Chimera, and its treasure will be renewed.

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