Devastate is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Hack that extends a chain of two-handed sword slashes across a broader range."

An advanced version of Hack, generally more effectively when facing multiple foes.


  • Requires a living foe or destructible object within range to perform the next strike in the combo chain.
  • Press [Light Attack], -pause-, [Light attack] repeatedly to perform.
    • In order to time this combo correctly, press [Light Attack] once, letting the Arisen complete the full swing then start to pull the weapon back. Just as the Arisen is pulling the weapon back, start tapping [Light Attack] to begin the combo. The correct timing is to tap, pause, tap continuously (as seen in the animation above).
    • When executed correctly, the second swing is in the same direction as the first swing, with the Arisen spinning to bring the weapon around.
    • When executed incorrectly, the second swing will be a cross-swing in the opposite direction.