Devilfire Grove is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Devilfire Grove is a wooded area in western Gransys, noted as the nesting place of a Drake.

It is located to the southeast of The Shadow Fort, west of Rest Camp, southwest of Lake Hardship, and north of the Verda Woodlands.

The grove is home to Goblins and Hobgoblins; whilst the path from the northern side between the Shadow Fort and Rest Camp north of the lake is inhabited by Saurians.

Plant life includes common Gransys species like the Thornflower in some parts - occasionally a rare Beech Branch may be gathered at a log.


Note : chest loot lists are incomplete
Devilfire chests
Chest Loot Chest Loot
1 Interventive 2 Coin Pouch
3 Conqueror's Periapt 4 Coin Pouch
5 Coin Pouch 6 Mage's Periapt, Seeker's Token
7 Mage's Periapt 8 Enlistment Corps Banner
9 Blinder Arrow 10 Desiccated Herbs
11 Dragon’s Spit 12 Oil Arrow, Blast Arrow
13 Foreign Knife

Weapon/Armor Piles (minor items not listed):


Pawn Chatter

"Look, Arisen -- a rope. Seems suspicious..."
"You don't see trees like this elsewhere."
"I daresay this road scarce sees civilian use."
"By the looks of it, 'tis a grand and sturdy fortress."
" 'Tis known as the Shadow Fort, built to ward against a goblin invasiion."
"That's not a pleasant odor... Monsters must be near."
"What a splendid woodland, and so rich in resources."
"Look at these... Goblin tracks. They are troublesome in groups."
"The marsh grows deep at its center, I should think. We'd best go around."
"We may be able to glean material from the boulders of this wood."


  • The Drake has a zone in which it will fight. If the Arisen exits this zone (generally the forest), the Drake will not pursue, and will usually return to its roost.
  • Lower level or poorly equipped Arisen might want to avoid Devilfire Grove due to the Drake, with its ability to possess pawns to attack the Arisen and the Dragon Roar which instantly kills all pawns within range.