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Devilfire Grove
Dragon's Dogma - Devilfire Grove
Location Info
Southwestern Gransys

Devilfire Grove is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Devilfire Grove is a small region in Southwest Gransys. It contains a Rest Camp, South of The Ancient Quarry's Southern Entrance, where items and equipment can be purchased and is home to The Shadow Fort to the West. Within Devilfire Grove lies one of the game's most deadly enemies here, the Drake.

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Points of InterestEdit


  • Newer players should avoid Devilfire Grove due to the Drake, with its ability to possess pawns to attack the Arisen and Dragon roar ability which instantly kills all pawns within range.
  • Devilfire is probably the best place in the game to Dragonforge weapons past the three star enhancement level and ''farm'' for expensive Dragon parts. The nearby Rest Camp allows one to rest, sell Dragon parts for gold and save the game before the battle with the Drake, which respawns every 7 in-game days. So the Arisen should save their game just before the Drake sees them, kill the Drake, and see if Dragonforging occurs. If not, the Arisen can use the Godsbane blade (obtained when the Grigori Dragon at the Tainted mountain has been beaten) to restart from the point just before the fight begins. Repeat until the equipped item is Dragonforged. After sleeping at the Rest Camp for 7 more days, the whole process can be repeated without limit.
  • The Drake has a pre-programmed ''zone'' in which it will fight. If it is lured out of this area by the Arisen or by pawns, the Drake WILL fly away before it can be killed. One of the edges of this zone is close to the road leading to the Rest Camp and the Cyclops. The Arisen should engage the Drake in the forest (Devilfire Grove) and stand their ground (if possible) so the Drake does not flee.
  • Sometimes if the Arisen has an enhanced weapon and dies fighting the Drake located in the center of Devilfire Grove, the Drake might accidentally run into the water of Lake Hardship and get swallowed by the brine, causing the leveled weapon to become Dragon Forged.


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