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Devilfire Grove is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


Devilfire Grove is a small region in Southwest Gransys.

It contains a Rest Camp, south of The Ancient Quarry's Southern Entrance where items and equipment can be purchased and is home to The Shadow Fort to the west.

Within Devilfire Grove lies one of the game's most deadly Pre-Game enemies, a Drake.

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Points of interestEdit


  • Devilfire Grove is the best place in the game to level up and Dragonforge weapons & armor past the three star enhancement level.
    • Step 1 - Get the Blessed Flower from Quina and clone it at the Black Cat, immediately storage it thereafter (*NOTE* You may want more than one copy of the flower). Buy 10+ Ferrystones from the cat too.
      Solo Fighter vs Drake. One on one duel. No damage02:58

      Solo Fighter vs Drake. One on one duel. No damage.

      Drakes are weak against Ice enchanted weapons and spells (like Frigor). In this demonstration, the Almace-wielding Arisen begins by luring the Drake away from the Hobgoblin hordes. Without a shield, the Arisen must correctly time the Hindsight Strike skill in order to completely avoid damage. The Stability augment is equipped, rendering the Arisen immune to the Drake's wind flap attacks. Hard mode demonstration with no shield, armor, pawns, buffs, curatives or Wakestones used.

    • Step 2: Go to Devilfire Grove and place a portcrystal at the camp. Warp, get the flower, warp back, and kill the drake. (*NOTE* An easy way to kill the Drake, when going to the grove from the camp, trigger the Drake and then return to the "U" shaped rock passed when first entering the grove. Press yourself close in to the bend of the rock. You will be shielded from 90% of the Drakes attacks. Simply cast Magic or shoot him with your bow at that point.)
    • Step 3: After killing the drake and collecting your goodies, warp to Cassardis Inn and immediately storage the flower and use the inn there for 7 consecutive days, staying till morning. (*NOTE* Make sure to search under the cabinet after the goodies in the inn spawn to grab gold sacs, some as high as 10,000 g's!)
    • Step 4: Grab the flower from storage and go kill the drake again. Repeat this process for easy level up and money gain from the dragon parts, plus the flower resets each time you do it. Occasionally you will want to return to the black cat and stock up on ferrystones and more flowers, just in case you need them.
  • The Drake has a pre-programmed ''zone'' in which it will fight. If it is lured out of this area by the Arisen or by pawns, the Drake WILL fly away before it can be killed. One of the edges of this zone is close to the road leading to the Rest Camp and the Cyclops. The Arisen should engage the Drake in the forest (Devilfire Grove) and stand their ground (if possible) so the Drake does not flee.
    Solo Strider vs Drake. No damage. Victory in 60 seconds01:41

    Solo Strider vs Drake. No damage. Victory in 60 seconds.

    In this demonstration, a Strider wielding only Rusted Daggers waits for the Drake to commit to an attack before jumping up and grabbing its chest. She then climbs to the heart and attacks with Thousand Kisses. Equipping the Adhesion augment and inflicting Torpor with the Rusted Daggers make it harder for the Drake to dislodge the Arisen. Masterful Kill is used here to counter the Drake's physical attacks. Hard mode demonstration with no pawns, armor, buffs, curatives, or Wakestones used.

  • Sometimes if the Arisen has an enhanced weapon and dies fighting the Drake located in the center of Devilfire Grove, the Drake might accidentally run into the water of Lake Hardship and get swallowed by the brine, causing the leveled weapon to become Dragon Forged.
  • Newer players should avoid Devilfire Grove due to the Drake, with its ability to possess pawns to attack the Arisen and Dragon roar ability which instantly kills all pawns within range.


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