Discipline Points (or DCP) are stat skill points in Dragon's Dogma. Discipline points are used to unlock or learn Augments, and Skills; and must be acquired to increase in Rank.

General stats

Lvl.34 character with 9,909 Discipline points


As players complete tasks, quests and hunt monsters in the fields or survive the horrors of the night, they gain Experience Points and at the same time a fraction of this gain is also given in Discipline Points.

Whilst experience points are automatically used when levelling, discipline points are manually spent on new skills, upgrades to skills, and new augments, as well as unlocking new vocations - they aren't tied to the vocation they were obtained as, and can carry across to be used to when developing as another class.

The degree of experience in a given vocation is given by the vocation's Rank (or discipline level). A newly learnt vocation starts at a discipline level of 1. The maximum level for each vocation is 9.

Discipline Points Formula

Discipline Points are gained based on the amount of Experience Points earned from a kill or quest.

In general, every time experience points are gained, a fraction of that quantity is also gained as discipline points - the relative amount is much higher for small increments of experience, meaning that the most efficient way to earn discipline is too defeat small creatures, and complete minor tasks.

Discipline Points
as a percentage
of Experience Points
up to 100 40% to 30% up to 30
100 - 250 30% to 25% 30 - 60
250 - 750 25% to 10% 60 - 75
750 - 1,000 10% to 8% 75 - 80
1,000 or more 8% to 1% 80 or more


  • The Asura Armor increases damage taken and stamina consumption but doubles Discipline Points earned in combat.
  • The Dark Arisen item Ring of Perseverance increases the amount of Discipline Points earned by 50%.
    • Combinations of two rings and the Asura Armor appear to stack the increase point gain effect.
  • Weal multiplies the DCP gain, just like it increases the experience gain - the relative amount of DCP gained is constant with or without the weal item.
  • DCP gain is capped at approximately 1,000 DCP per experience point gain.
  • The relationship between Discipline Points earned and Experience Points awarded appears constant. Testing showed the same relative relationship with Experience point gains ranging from 9 to 12,500 XP, and with the Main Pawn being active or inactive; various combinations of support pawns, or lack thereof and at a wide range of relative levels; playing in Hard Mode, Normal Mode, and Easy Mode; and playing with a Main Pawn of unequal level to the Arisen. The Discipline:Experience Points ratio also appears to be independant of the way the experience was gained, i.e. quest or type of creature.
  • The Main Pawn's Discipline Points gain are based on their Experience Point award - thus if the Arisen and pawn are of unequal level, and therefore receiving a different Experience Point award, the amount of Discipline Points gained will also be different for the same action.
  • Testing: Soloing Wolves gave 98 XP and 32 DCP. Soloing normal Goblins is 127 XP and 36 DCP. Soloing Hobgoblin leaders is 1,074 XP and 72 DCP. Soloing an unarmored Cyclops is 7,813 XP and 141 DCP.