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"And now again, the choice is yours, Arisen."
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Discipline Points or DCP are used as skill points in Dragon's Dogma. As players complete tasks, quests and hunt monsters in the fields or survive the horrors of the Night, they'll gain a set of experience that is meant for use to advance in any selected Vocations. Discipline Points aren't tied to any of specific vocation but instead to the character itself and can also be used to unlock access to vocations.

Discipline Points FormulaEdit

Discipline Points have a direct correlation to the amount of Experience points earned from a kill or quest.
The following formula is the current speculation:

When the Arisen is with the Main Pawn
Anything higher than 1,000 in Exp. gain 7.5% in Discipline Points
Anything between 101-1,000 in Exp. gain 15% in Discipline Points
Anything below 100 or less Exp. gain 37.5% in Discipline Points
When the Arisen is without the Main Pawn
Anything below 100 or less Exp. gain 67.5% in Discipline Points

The easiest way to know calculate how much Discipline Points received from an Experience gain is to multiply by 0.075 for anything over 1,000 Exp, 0.15 for anything between 101 and 1,000, and 0.375 for anything under 100.

  • For example, if the Arisen kills a beast that gives exactly 100 Experience, the amount of Discipline Points earned will be approximately 37-38(the equation would look like this 100 x 0.375 = 37.5) and so forth.

Total Number of Discipline Points RequiredEdit

Discipline Point Chart ~ NSA Administrator

Rank Basic vocations Warrior Ranger Sorcerer Mystic Knight Assassin Magick Archer
1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 500 500 500 600 800 800 650
3 1,500 1,500 1,500 2,100 2,600 2,600 2,300
4 3,500 3,500 3,500 4,800 5,600 5,600 5,100
5 6,500 7,000 6,650 8,800 10,200 10,200 9,400
6 10,500 11,800 11,150 14,200 16,600 16,600 15,300
7 15,500 18,300 17,150 21,200 25,100 25,100 23,000
8 21,500 26,600 24,650 30,200 36,100 36,100 32,900
9 29,000 37,600 34,150 42,200 50,600 50,600 46,100


  • Please note that this math is not confirmed 100%, but seems fairly close by all accounts of players who have attempted to discover its formula.
  • DCP gain is 'capped' at approximately 1,000 DCP per experience point gain.
  • With the release of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, players have access to the DLC armor Asura Armor. This armor increases damage taken and stamina consumption but doubles Discipline Points earned in combat.
  • The Ring of Perseverance doubles the amount of discipline points earned. Equip one on the Arisen and Main Pawn to accelerate the skill learning process. One can be acquired at the Duskmoon Tower with a Moonbeam Gem. A second can be earned by purifying Bitterblack Gear L.3.
  • Equipping Asura Armor and two Rings of Perseverance on a character enables that character to rank up a vocation within fifteen minutes of soldier slaying in the Noble Quarter, even if that character does nothing other than stand passively on top of a wall.
  • It has been confirmed that using Weal items such as Pilgrim's Charm or Veteran's Periapt affect Discipline gain; the multiplier is applied to Discipline Point gain. This means that the Discipline gain is not based off the amount of Exp. earned after items are applied but rather is factored off of the based XP gain then multiplied by the coefficient.
  • It is also completely possible that DCP is a base amount for each creature and each quest. For example, while travelling alone players will gain more experience from slaying an enemy than when travelling with a party. In these instances, it has not been thoroughly tested if players will gain higher DCP with the higher XP.
    • Testing: Soloing wolves for testing gave 98 xp and 32 DCP. Soloing normal Goblins is 127 xp and 36 DCP. Soloing Hobgoblin leaders is 1074 xp and 72 DCP. Soloing an unarmored cyclops is 7813 xp and 141 DCP.
  • Because of the way Discipline Points are calculated, the idea is to kill lots of smaller enemies and not a few larger enemies. Therefore, go to areas where the Arisen can kill lots of minor foes and avoid areas like the Rotunda of Dread and The Black Abbey. While these two arenas are excellent choices for farming experience points (for gaining levels), they are poor choices for farming vocation rankings.
  • The easiest place to farm Discipline Points for Vocation advancement occurs late in the game, during the 'post game'. (details include plot spoilers, highlight text to read) Post game in the Noble Quarter around the Gran Soren Cathedral, Gran Soren soldiers spawn endlessly in pursuit of the Arisen. The Arisen should simply climb the right wall just before the cathedral entrance and let the pawns kill all the soldiers who spawn endlessly. Soldiers will also pursue the Arisen throughout Gran Soren, so the battle can be taken to a place of choice, such as the field for active battle, or another of the various rooftop areas can be utilised: useful safe locations include on top of the smithy near the pawn guild, and the surrounding buildings. The 'aggro' attitude of the guards automatically cancels if the Arisen leaves the zone; even ferrystoning to the Gran Soren portcrystal array is sufficient. (Spoiler ends) The player may literally walk away from the game and come back in a few hours to find the current vocation maxed out to vocation rank 9. Gaining levels is possible with this technique, but it is much slower than gaining vocation rank. This technique should really be used specifically for growth in vocations the player simply does not wish to employ other than to learn that vocation's augments and skills.
  • The second best place to farm Discipline points is near the Conqueror's Sanctuary. Place a Portcrystal near the Noonflower and trek eastward toward the Witchwood, killing everything in sight. The trek will be abundantly rife with Goblins, Saurians, Bandits, and Wolves. By the time the Arisen reaches the Witchwoood, vocation rank should increase by one or two rankings. Sleep overnight in Cassardis and Ferrystone back to the Conqueror's Sanctuary to repeat the process. Or just kill all the Hobgoblins in the Conqueror's sanctuary area and sleep at the Lake Hardship rest camp. The Goblins will re-spawn overnight for another round of mass slaughter.

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