Divine Defense is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Perfect Defense that guards against all attacks at a greatly decreased Stamina cost."

An advanced version of Perfect Defense, that greatly increases defense whilst draining stamina whilst active.


  • Allows its user to ignore grapples, including the grapple holds of possessed pawns, and also prevents many grab attacks such as those of cyclopesogresharpies, and gargoyles, and even the foot-stomps of eliminators.
  • Useful in tandem with Shield Summons to bait enemies to focus on the Arisen while pawns cast big spells or pick off the distracted enemy opposition.
  • Divine Defense does not defend against all attacks - with Divine Defense activated, the fighter can be staggered by shockwaves (eg a collapsing Gorecyclops, a Gorecyclops foot stomp), and is affected by Ensnare and Implicate, and by the Cursed Dragon's breath attack (the Arisen will tumble backwards).
  • This can be a life-saver when the Arisen's HP is low, with no curatives available.
  • This skill can block debilitations from stone sarcophagi (Curse) and Cockatrices (Petrification).