Domenique is an NPC in Dragon's Dogma.


"Fedel's wife. She gives off an air of death and despair."

Domenique is a prominent member of Edmun Dragonsbane's court, and can be found in the Duke's Demesne. She is also Fedel's wife



  • "That firm, set jaw, fire in your eyes...I'm like to see my own dreams of conquest abed tonight."
  • "Don't listen to anything that Fool says!"
  • "Feste? No, I speak of my husband, though I suspect the dwarf may be the bigger man Fedel would have people believe he's of the duke's own blood, but its a bald-faced lie."
  • "Truth be told, he was a serving man in the employ of His Grace's late nephew. The boy's been dead many a year by now. To my knowledge, Duke Edmun Dragonsbane has no living blood relation."
  • "Tis a shame solitude is not a beast man can conquer with steel and mettle."