Downpour Volley is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Cloudburst Volley that expands the area of the attack."

An advanced version of Cloudburst Volley, which fires 11 arrows onto the selected target.

With Dark Arisen, it becomes Hailstorm Volley with the correct Strider's Ring or Strider's Band equipped.

Usage, tactics, and notes

Skill Arrows
Cloudburst Volley 6
Downpour Volley 11
Hailstorm Volley 24
  • Press the assigned skill button to charge, and press again (or ranged attack) to release the downpour.
  • The falling point of the arrows is indicated by a thin shaft of light, and circle on the ground indicating the point of impact.
  • Move the view (right stick) up or down to change the trajectory of the arrow, and hence distance of impact.
  • Firing downhill does not increase range.
  • The shaft and circle will turn blu-ish if they are targetting a foe - when aiming take into account any movement of the creatures whilst the arrows are in flight.
Damage and tactics
  • The arrows fire can be Special Arrows such as Blast Arrows - multiple arrows will be used per volley. The arrows will also carry any enchantment on the bow, and can debilitated if used with the Rusted Bow.
  • Due to the high number of arrows damage output is very high.
  • As the arrows fall from above this skill is effective in targeting heads.
  • Mulitple small foes can be hit with a single volley if they are close enough.
  • Pawns are effective at rapidly and accurately targeting foes.
  • Unlike Splinter Dart and related skills these bow skills are not so affected by low ceilings.