Downpour Volley is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Cloudburst Volley that expands the area of the attack."

An advanced version of Cloudburst Volley, which fires 12 arrows onto the selected target.

With Dark Arisen, it becomes Hailstorm Volley with a suitable Strider's Ring or Band equipped.

Usage, tactics, and notes

Skill Arrows
Cloudburst Volley 6
Downpour Volley 12 †
Hailstorm Volley 24
† Effective number of arrows, only 9 are actually animated

Aiming and locational effects

The falling point of the arrows is indicated by a thin shaft of light and circle on the ground indicating the point of impact.

  • Move the view (right stick) up or down to change the trajectory of the arrows, and hence distance of impact.
  • Firing downhill does not increase range, however firing uphill does diminish the maximum range.
  • To ease aiming, before activating the skill aim at the target - the point of ground aimed at will usually be automatically ranged at.
  • The shaft and circle will turn bluish if they are targeting a foe.

This skill always works outdoors, but not always in enclosed spaces. How and when it works indoors seems erratic :

  • Usually works in large chambers such as the Proving Grounds and other arenas.
  • The arrows will not hit the ground in the spiral of the Everfall (~15m ceiling)
  • The arrows will hit the ground in the tunnels of the Frontier Caverns (~2m ceiling)

Pawns are effective at rapidly and accurately targeting foes, but may sometimes use this skill even when the arrows do not complete their flight to the foe.


  • Damage increases linearly with number of arrows, thought the individual arrow damage is the same for all three skills.
  • Attack power (and ultimately damage) increases practically 1:1 with total bow and core strength.
  • The arrows fired can be Special Arrows such as Blast Arrows.
  • The arrows will carry any enchantment on the bow, and can debilitate if used with the Rusted Bow.
  • Due to the number of arrows the damage output is very high.
  • As the arrows fall from above, this skill is effective in targeting heads.


  • Take advantage of stationary states such as Goblin gesticulation or Saurian croaking instead of attempting target when moving.
  • Multiple small foes can be hit with a single Volley if they are close together enough.
  • Can be used to kill Leapworms that are still hidden.
  • Can be fired before opening a chest in which a Maneater may lurk.