Draconian Strategy Vol. 2 is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An ancient pawn's book that reveals how a dragon is open to counterattack as it prepares to unleash it's breath."

Teaches that Dragons are vulnerable to being stunned or staggered when preparing their breath attack.

Can be found at the Gather spots in the Holding Room in the The Tainted Mountain Temple.


  • May impart one star of Bestiary knowledge for draconic species i.e., The Dragon, The Ur-Dragon, Drakes, Wyrms, Wyverns, and Cursed Dragons.
  • Using the scroll bestows this knowledge on any Pawn travelling with the Arisen if they lack such experience thus far.
  • If the option to use this item is greyed out, it means that all the Pawns in the party already know the information contained in the scroll.

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