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If people are looking for stuff to do, here are some:

Some of this is already done, but it's just a matter of getting info on the pages. There are a tons of Items and Equipment apparently, so lists of that sort of stuff comes later.

(Resources from the strategy guide):

Thanks guys! :)

NDenizen 22:38, May 19, 2012 (UTC)

Help! Talent in Bloom quest!! POSSIBLE MINOR SPOLIERS... Quina wont give the quest. I (missed)didnt do 'lost and found' but did do the escort to prayer falls now she's at the abby but there's no (?) over her head! She just rambles on about nothing related to what im doing!! Why wont she give me any quests??

need help. went to join the fight for the urdragon but he not showing up. tried online and offline. any help is appreciated.

Ryuu Heisei's questions and help requests.

I am fairly new to Dragon's Dogma, and this account on this Wiki is brand new for now, and I have been wondering what to do when it comes to killing that infernal beast that stole my heart. I want to be as best equiped as I can but I also do not want to spend a hundread thousand G on getting the supply. What would be the best corse of action?

~ Yours Truly Ryuu Heisei