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Legend tells of an immensely powerful undead dragon that appears in the Everfall beneath Gran Soren, the Ur-Dragon.

The Ur-Dragon encounter in Dragon's Dogma takes the form of an asynchronous, ongoing online battle, where players and their parties from around the world can compete online to take down the Ur-Dragon. The Ur-Dragon is essentially an optional end-game boss, where skill and strategy are required to make a significant effect against it. The damage done by every Arisen that battles it is combined until the creature is defeated. This will take multiple encounters, but all players who inflict damage on the Ur-Dragon can receive great spoils. Those Arisen that inflict the final blow will receive the greatest rewards of all, and all slayers of the Ur-Dragon have their names and play times recorded in the hall of fame. Offline players are still able to take on the Ur-Dragon, but will receive different rewards. In New Game+ the Ur-Dragon can be accessed via a riftstone on the beach within Cassardis.



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