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Enhancement level 4 or Dragonforging is a process whereby Armour and Weapons are "strengthened in wyrmfire", enhancing them to an extra level above the standard 3 Star upgrade. Rather than requiring materials and a merchant, Dragonforging is achieved by slaying an enemy that belongs to the Dragon class. Upon the death of a dragon, all armour and weapons the Arisen has equipped are given a chance of becoming dragonforged.


Dragonforged equipment is indicated by a red cross-shaped symbol of the wyrm that then appears in the top-left of an item's icon.

Dragonforging RequirementsEdit

  1. For an item to be dragonforged, it must be equipped. If it is simply being held in the player's inventory, it will not be dragonforged.
  2. It must be equipped by the Arisen. Items equipped on Pawns will not be dragonforged.
  3. Only equipment being worn at the time of death of the dragonkin will have a chance of being dragonforged. Items worn at the beginning of, or during, an encounter with a dragonkin will not be taken into account when dragonforging occurs.
  4. In the case of the three lesser dragons (the Drake, the Wyrm and the Wyvern) and the offline Ur-Dragon, equipment must have been enhanced at least once beforehand to qualify for dragonforging. The better the upgrade, the greater chance of dragonforging occurring.
  5. Slaying The Dragon and the online Ur-Dragon are the only methods of dragonforging unenhanced equipment, as these are the only two methods that are guaranteed to dragonforge all your equipment.

Equipment Grade DrakeWyrm / Wyvern The Dragon Ur-Dragon (Offline) Ur-Dragon (Online)
0 0% 100% 0% 100%
1 2% 100% 2% 100%
2 6% 100% 10% 100%
3 18% 100% 30% 100%
Note: With the introduction of Dark Arisen, new types of Dragonkin were introduced (Firedrake / Frostwyrm / Thunderwyvern / Cursed Dragon). All Dark Arisen Dragonkin have a chance of dragonforging gear, regardless of enhancement level.

Upgrading Beyond DragonforgedEdit

  • Equipment can be upgraded beyond the level of Dragonforged. The expansion Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is required in order to go past this level. Consult Rarifying for further information.You will have to find rarer materials to do a further upgrade.



Dragon Forged is an Achievement/Trophy available and can be obtained when a piece of equipment worn by the Arisen is dragon forged for the first time after defeating a dragon.


  • The use of saving and resetting can be utilized to essentially "farm" dragonforging, to an extent. This can be done by finding a lesser dragon such as a Drake, attacking it until it's near death then running to safety at a point where the game can be saved. Reloading the game (either through exiting to the Title Menu or suicide) will not reset its health, allowing the Arisen to repeat killing blows until the desired equipment is dragonforged, in which case the higher enhancement the better.
    • This method works well for getting specific equipment dragonforged and reduces the time needed to locate and fight Dragonkin. Farming for dragonforging is easier in Post-Game where there are many dragonkin to be found all over Gransys - the player will also have obtained the Godsbane, which makes reloading a save much quicker.
  • None of the Dragonkin can be slain by a Pawn. The Arisen has to make the final blow to the heart in order to kill it. The only exception is the Ur-Dragon which has multiple hearts all of which can be destroyed by a Pawn.
  • It's possible to have a piece of equipment dragonforged randomly for no apparent reason whilst wandering Gransys. Cases of this have been reported as happening near areas where dragonkin are found, or after facing a dragonkin despite not killing it. This is most likely a glitch and not an intentional feature of the game.
  • A Pawn's equipment will not be upgraded to dragonforged status, but a Pawn can still equip dragonforged items. Players seeking to have their pawns wear dragonforged equipment simply need to wear it themselves and get it dragonforged, then give it back to their pawns. This may require changing vocations, or even changing genders using the Art Of Metamorphosis; in the case of items, such as the Sultry Cowl.
  • Fighting lesser dragons, the percentages given for dragonforging equipment apply to every individual piece of equipment. Namely, every individual piece of equipment has a chance to be dragonforged depending upon the level of its enhancement. Because of this, removing gear does not have any effect on the chances.
  • The earliest dragonkin encountered in the game is the Drake at Devilfire Grove and is often sought after for early equipment dragonforging. The Drake will respawn after sleeping at a Resting Point for 7 days.
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