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Enhancement level 4 or Dragonforging is a process whereby Armour and Weapons are "strengthened in wyrmfire", enhancing them to an extra level above the standard 3 Star upgrade. Rather than requiring materials and a merchant, Dragonforging can be achieved by slaying an enemy that belongs to the Dragon class. Upon the death of a dragon, all armour and weapons the Arisen has equipped have a chance of becoming dragonforged.


Dragonforged equipment is indicated by a red cross-shaped symbol of the wyrm that then appears in the top-left of an item's icon. This is the same symbol on the Duke's heraldic displays, seen on banners in the Encampment, the Castle and in the Gran Soren Union Inn.

Dragonforging RequirementsEdit

  1. For an item to be Dragonforged, it must be equipped. If it is simply being held in the player's inventory, it will not be Dragonforged.
  2. It must be equipped by the Arisen. Items equipped on Pawns will not be Dragonforged.
  3. Only equipment being worn at the time of death of the Dragon will have a chance of being Dragonforged. Items worn at the beginning of, or during, an encounter with Dragonkin will not be taken into account when Dragonforging occurs.
  4. In the case of the three lesser dragons (the Drake, the Wyrm and the Wyvern) and the offline Ur-Dragon, equipment must have been enhanced at least to one star status beforehand to qualify for Dragonforging. The better the upgrade, the greater chance of dragonforging.
  5. Slaying The Dragon and the online Ur-Dragon are the only methods of Dragonforging unenhanced equipment, as these are the only two methods that are guaranteed to Dragonforge all your equipment.

Equipment Grade Drake Wyrm Wyvern The Dragon Ur-Dragon (Offline) Ur-Dragon (Online) Firedrake Frostwyrm Thunderwyvern Cursed Dragon
Stars 0t 0% 100% 0% 100% 5% 40%
Stars 1t 2% 100% 2% 100% 15% 55%
Stars 2t 6% 100% 10% 100% 25% 65%
Stars 3t 18% 100% 30% 100% 40% 75%

Upgrading Beyond DragonforgedEdit

  • Equipment can be upgraded beyond the level of Dragonforged. The expansion Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is required in order to go past this level. Consult Rarifying for further information.You will have to find rarer materials from Bitterblack Isle to perform any further upgrades. It is still required to dragon forge items prior to further enhancement.



Dragon Forged is an Achievement/Trophy available and is obtained when a piece of equipment worn by the Arisen is Dragonforged for the first time after defeating a Dragon.


  • Godsbaning could be used to ensure the desired equipment is Dragonforged.
  • Without access to Bitterblack Isle, before Post-Game in the game the Drake at Devilfire Grove (which re-spawns every seven in-game days) is the only place to attempt Dragonforging equipment. Remember to save the game before initiating the battle, and that the higher an item is enhanced the higher chance it will get Dragonforged.
  • In New Game Plus the Ur-Dragon is another option before Post-Game and he offers a higher chance of success than the other lesser Dragonkin.
  • Farming for Dragonforging is easier in Post-Game where there are many Dragonkin to be found all over Gransys - the player will also have obtained a Godsbane, which makes reloading a save much quicker.
  • Dragonkin can be damaged but not slain by pawns. The Arisen has to make the final blow to the heart in order to kill it. The exceptions are the Ur-Dragon and the Cursed Dragon; these Dragons can be killed by a pawn.
  • Perhaps the most effective technique for Dragonforging multiple items simultaneously is to farm Cursed Dragons. Use a Rancid Bait Meat in the Duskmoon Tower or Midnight Helix (after killing all other enemies within). Exit and re-enter the room if a Cursed Dragon does not immediately spawn. Killing a Cursed Dragon has the highest chance of Dragonforging even zero enhanced equipment (except for the 100% when killing the Online Ur-Dragon and Grigori offer). It is possible to have every single equipped item the Arisen is wearing Dragonforged by killing a single Cursed Dragon. It is also possible to fight four or more Cursed Dragons with a single Rancid Bait Meat (exit and re-enter the room to re-spawn more Cursed Dragons after victory). Using Rancid Bait Meat within the Duskmoon Tower will only spawn Cursed Dragons; never Death, Garm or Elder Ogres.
  • Though a main Pawn can be equipped with items that are Dragonforged and Rarified, no equipment worn by a pawn will ever be upgraded to Dragonforged status. Players seeking to have their pawns wear Dragonforged equipment simply need to wear it themselves to get it Dragonforged, then give it back to their pawns. This may require changing vocations or even changing genders using the Secret of Metamorphosis in the case of gender-specific items. 
  • When fighting lesser dragons, the percentage likelihood of dragonforging equipment is applied to each piece of equipment individually and s also dependent on its level of enhancement - thus - removing other gear does not increase the chance of a specific item worn being dragonforged.
  • It is very rare, but occasionally equipment worn by the Arisen can be Dragonforged for no apparent reason whilst wandering Gransys. This is most likely due to a glitch when a dragon dies by flying into the sea or is attacked by other enemies.
  • Perhaps the best way to easily Dragonforge equipment from other vocations you don't use (your main pawn's vocation for example) or any vocation is to kill the Dark Bishop Post Daimon. He respawns every few days and is incredibly easy to kill at a decent level. The cursed dragon he shares his chamber with is also very weak. 

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