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Dragonforging is a process whereby Armour and Weapons are "strengthened in wyrmfire", improving them to a level above that of the 3 Star enhancement.

Rather than requiring materials and a merchant, Dragonforging can only be achieved by slaying a Dragon. Upon the death of a dragon, all armour and weapons the Arisen has equipped have a chance of becoming dragonforged.


Dragonforged equipment is indicated by a red cross-shaped symbol of the wyrm that then appears in the top-left of an item's icon.

Dragonforging RequirementsEdit

For an item to be Dragonforged, it must be equipped by the Arisen. If it is simply being held in the player's inventory, it will not be Dragonforged.

Only equipment being worn at the time of death of the Dragon will have a chance of being Dragonforged. Items worn at the beginning of, or during, an encounter with Dragonkin will not be taken into account when Dragonforging occurs.

In the case of the three lesser dragons (the Drake, the Wyrm and the Wyvern) and the offline Ur-Dragon, equipment must have been enhanced at least to one star status beforehand to qualify for Dragonforging. The better the upgrade, the greater chance of dragonforging.

Slaying The Dragon and the online Ur-Dragon will Dragonforge all equipped weapons and equipment, including unenhanced items.

When fighting lesser dragons, the percentage likelihood of dragonforging equipment is applied to each piece of equipment individually - thus - removing other gear does not increase the chance of a specific item worn being dragonforged

Equipment Grade Drake Wyrm Wyvern The Dragon Ur-Dragon (Offline) Ur-Dragon (Online) Firedrake Frostwyrm Thunderwyvern Cursed Dragon
Stars 0t 0% 100% 0% 100% 5% 40%
Stars 1t 2% 100% 2% 100% 15% 55%
Stars 2t 6% 100% 10% 100% 25% 65%
Stars 3t 18% 100% 30% 100% 40% 75%

Beyond DragonforgedEdit

Main article :Rarifying

In Dark Arisen equipment can be upgraded beyond the level of Dragonforged by rarifying using rare materials from Bitterblack Isle. Silver and Gold raryfied items are often referred to as "Silver Dragonforged" and "Gold Dragonforged". This service is offered by Barroch.

Bitterblack Isle also introduced new dragon enemies that have a higher chance of Dragonforging gear than regular ones.


  • The Dragonforged symbol is the same symbol used on the Duke's heraldic displays, seen on banners in the Encampment, the Duke's Demesne and in the Gran Soren Union Inn.
  • Items equipped on Pawns are never Dragonforged.
  • Players seeking to have their pawns wear Dragonforged will need to wear it themselves to get it Dragonforged, then give it back to their pawns. This may require changing vocations or even changing genders using the Secret of Metamorphosis in the case of gender-specific items.
  • It is very rare, but occasionally equipment worn by the Arisen can be Dragonforged for no apparent reason whilst wandering Gransys. This is most likely a glitch that causes a nearby dragon to fall off the map or into water.

Dragon "farming"Edit

See Dragonkin for locations.



The Dragon Forged (Achievement/Trophy) is obtained when a piece of equipment worn by the Arisen is Dragonforged for the first time.

See alsoEdit

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