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Wyvern Dragon Roar !

Dragon Roar is a special skill unique to all Dragons, lesser and greater.


All Dragons have a powerful roar attack which may inflict Skill Stifling on the Arisen and instantly kills all Pawns within range.

With Dragonkin, on destroying the horns (Dragon Horn) or wings (Great Dragon Alula), the creature will always rear up and Dragon Roar. Additionally the longer the foe receives damage without inflicting any, the higher the chance that it will Dragon Roar.

The roar has a limited range, though will almost always affect any within melee range. Party members behind the Dragon may be unaffected.

The Cursed Dragon's roar is different in that it inflicts Possession on pawns.

Notes and tactics

  • Silence does not prevent the Dragon Roar.
  • The Dragon Roar can be interrupted on lesser Dragonkin by quickly inflicting enough damage to the heart, before the dragon can fully rear up on its hind legs and initiate the roar.
  • Under certain circumstances, such as the Ur-Dragon's initial landing roar, enchantments and other character boons will be removed by the roar.
  • In Post-Game, the Drake at Conqueror's Sanctuary appears to use the roar much more readily, and with greater range. This increased aggression and range may apply to all Post-Game Drakes.(verify)

Pawn specific

  • Mage pawns with a Legion's Might staff will self-resurrect after a Dragon Roar or conventional death. Although the staff has one of the lowest attack stats out of all Mage staffs, its special function allows the Arisen to not worry about reviving this pawn.
  • The Dark Arisen augment Tenacity does not protect against the Dragon Roar.