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Drake's tear
Red orb
Item Info
Base Weight
Forgery Cost
50.000 G
3 G

Drake's tear is an item available in Dragon's Dogma. It is a rare item dropped by successfully killing a Drake.


"The wonderous liquid of a dragon's eye. Collect it from each species and you may alter the rewards from defeated foes."

"Details unknown."


The item's description implies that, if the Arisen carries all three tears (Drake's Tear, Wyrm's Tear and Wyvern's Tear), the likelihood of enemies dropping rare items is increased. The exact adjustment is unknown.

These items when carried by an Arisen or a Pawn only affect the drops in the Everfall.


Below is a list of locations where Drakes appear:

Only found in Post-Game*

This dragon is a unique variant from other dragons. Please refer to the Special Lesser Dragons page.**


  • The drop rate for tears is a flat 5% chance. This is based on per drop, as opposed to per monster.
    • Example: The dragon you just slayed drops 5 items every death. Each of those 5 items has a 5% chance to be a tear. This can lead to multiple tears dropping from one Drake if they are very lucky.

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