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Drake's tear is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"The wonderous liquid of a dragon's eye. Collect it from each species and you may alter the rewards from defeated foes."
"Details unknown."

Drake's Tear is a rare item obtained by killing a Drake.

One of three type of Dragon's Tears - if all three tears are carried, that is the Drake's Tear, Wyrm's Tear, and Wyvern's Tear, the likelihood of enemies dropping rare items is increased. The main effect is in the post-Dragon Everfall.

For full details see Dragon's Tears.


Red orb

A Drake (common red dragon) can be found in *Devilfire Grove, in the area west-southwest of Lake Hardship. Drakes can also be found in:

Dragon's Dogma (Post-Game)
Dark Arisen
  • Also dropping by Firedrake on Bitterblack Isle


  • The drop rate for tears is a flat 5% chance. This is based on per drop, as opposed to per dragon - it is possible to get multiple tears from a single drake.

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