Dripstone Cave is a location in Dragon's Dogma. Locations withing the cave include the Emperor's Pillar, Station Room, and Brightwater Cove.


Dripstone Cave can be accessed by exploring the well located in Cassardis. It is infested with Rats, Giant Bats and Saurians.

It is advised not to delve into the Cave early in the game without the proper equipment, skills and curatives as Saurians have tough hides and will deal great damage to low-levelled parties.

The cave can be divided into several areas. From the Cassardis well entrance, the path splits. One leads straight and the other leads to an underground stream. The dry path is infested with Giant Rats and the both routes have a Giant Bat problem.

Saurians infest Dripstone Cave ("Deep Trouble" quest walkthrough)02:54

Saurians infest Dripstone Cave ("Deep Trouble" quest walkthrough)

Bring Ice enchanted weapons and spells to deal with the Saurians within, who are weak to Ice. The Almace sword wielded by the Arisen here freezes them solid and shatters them.

The main route is via the straight path, which leads via a drop to a second area of the caverns, where a large rock formation called the Emperor's Pillar stands in the middle of the cavern.  

In this part of the Cave the herb Purple Anise grows. A set of large boulders blocks the rear chamber of the Cave until Deeper Trouble has been initiated. 

There is a water filled cove off from the Emperor's Pillar room, initially blocked by a large rock. The cave beyond becomes accessible during the quest Deeper Trouble - it leads out to the sea somewhere at Brightwater Cove.

Once the Saurians have been cleared from the Cave during Deeper Trouble the rear cavern will be infested by Phantoms and Undead and Undead Warriors at night, and either Saurians or Bandits will be in the main cavern during the day. 

A barred door leads to a short tunnel off which the Station Room is located. Here either Bandits or Spiders lurk, occasionally only mice will run into the walls at the party's approach.  

However, prematurely breaking the door's bar prevents the player from obtaining one of the location knowledge stars for Dripstone Cave as the party must enter the caverns from the Manamia Trail entrance and encounter the locked door. 

Once the player has cleared out the cave of Saurians both times, the cave can be a useful shortcut for travellers making the trip between Gran Soren and Cassardis since there are few enemies, the walk is short, and the party will wind up right inside Cassardis.

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The tunnels from the Cassardis well are full of Mushroom, Large Mushroom and Stagnant Shroom; in the main (Emperor's Pillar) cavern there is abundant Purple Anise and some ore deposits which may yield the rarer Sand-Layer Ore. The entire cave is a good source of Skulls, found scattered throughout. A side cave lit from a high water hole contains Grandgrapes, Mithridate and other plants.

Underground river
Brightwater Cove Cave
Side cave (Emperor's Pillar chamber)
North Exit (near barred door)
Station Room (Manamia Trail exit)

In addition there is a good chance of finding either a Scholar's Cape, or Scholar's Bangle in one of the chests.

Harspud Juice and other minor items may also be found. There are numerous fishing pools, but Giant Fish are absent or very rare.



Travel Knowledge

Knowledge flag or pawn comment locations:

  1.  Near the entrance, where the path splits into a fork.
  2.  After a right turn at the fork (from Cassardis) - at the small rotting bridge.
  3. The Brightwater Cove chamber (initially blocked)
  4. At the barred door near to the Manamia Trail entrance - for the knowledge flag to activate the door bars must be unbroken when visiting. Visiting from the opposite, with the door barred or un barred does not give knowledge. If the bar was broke before the knowledge flag was obtained there are subsequent opportunities in New Game Plus.


  • The Saurians in the cave often present the first hard battle for a new Arisen - though ice enchantment helps, the use of the skulls found in the cave to curse the reptiles makes this hard battle a much easier one.