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Duchess In Distress
Duchess in distress
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
Gran Soren Castle
35,000 Gold
25,000 Exp.

Duchess In Distress is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"After your ill-fated tryst, Aelinore was whisked off to the Northern Manse and locked away. Mirabelle begs you to rescue her."


Infiltrate the Manse

Escape the Manse

  • Shield Aelinore from harm as you make for the exit.

Quest Successful

  • You've escaped the Manse with Aelinore and reunited her with Mirabelle.

WARNING: Quest Failure

  • If you don't complete this mission before finishing Deny Salvation or kill guards when first going to rescue Aelinore, you will get an auto-failure notice; other conditions may also apply for auto-fail the 360 version, however that issue seems to be patched in the Dark Arisen version of the game. (Can still happen when you have Dark Arisen)
    • Once you've reached Aelinore you may kill the guards without consequence to the quest though.
  • This quest only becomes available after completing it's prerequisite quest Arousing Suspicion, and after completing Reward and Responsibility (when the Duke opens the Treasury room).


Accepting the quest:

  • The quest becomes available after you spoken with the Duke and accepted the quest; Deny Salvation (after he opens the Treasury room).
  • She's easy to miss, but Aelinore's maid Mirabelle can be found outside of the Castle to the left of the stairs if you're facing the front (or near the right side staircase as you exit the Manse). She will tell you that she fears the Duke will have Aelinore killed and asks you to save her. She will then give you a Set of Royal Guard Armor and fill you in on the plan for her and Aelinore to escape to their homeland.

Infiltrate the Manse:

  • Head to the Duke's Manse, northeast of Hillfigure Knoll. In order to gain entrance through the front gate, the Arisen must equip the Set of Royal Guard Armor given by Mirabelle (The back gate is locked until completion of the quest).
    • Be aware that your pawns will not enter with the Arisen.
  • Head to the top of the Manse where you'll find Aelinore in the upper most room. A cutscene will show the Arisen and Aelinore embracing, cutting out while they fall to the bed.

Escape the Manse:

  • After the cutscene you must escort Aelinore back towards the front door while protecting yourself, and to a lesser extent her, from the guards (you may now kill them freely). She will then tell you when you start getting close that the front door is too dangerous and will open a locked gate leading out back; the game forces you to leave through that door.
  • Proceed with Aelinore through the underground area while being wary of anyone who attacks. You will occasionally have to carry her over areas where there are gaps in the bridges (although like any NPC accompanying the Arisen, she will occasionally teleport to your side if you stray too far from her.).
  • Near the middle of the sewers, your pawns will show up. After dispatching a few more enemies as well as traversing several additional bridges, you will reach the exit.

Quest Successful:

  • Upon exiting the sewers a cutscene showing Aelinore leaving with Mirabelle (who now, for some reason, no longer has her French accent) will play.
    • Caution: Upon leaving the Manse via the back exit, you'll most likely encounter a Chimera. This is because there is a natural spawn point right outside the back door. While you should hopefully be in good shape to fight it at this point in the game, be wary.


Some items are guaranteed to be found, while others may only have a chance of showing up in the Manse. If you do miss something on this list, you can always return to find the items via the backdoor entrance after completion of this quest.


  • Your pawns won't accompany you in the Manse, though they'll meet up with you at a certain point after escaping into the sewers.
  • You can use Aelinore's gift (Love-In-The-Rough) to upgrade the Set of Royal Guard Armor to level three. However, it might be best to create a forgery of the item before using it as it can be applied to other equipment as well; this is a one-per-playthrough item.
  • After completing the quest you can re-enter the Manse and find Bandits in the sewers; Specters and Goblins with Hobgoblins in the Manse itself.
  • This quest, if already activated, will fail if you speak to The Dragonforged right after Deny Salvation. You can wait to activate and complete the quest after you have spoken to the him though.
  • If attempting to fill out all of the map stars for your pawn, remember to return to the Manse after completing this quest. Keep in mind that your pawns did not accompany the Arisen throughout most of the quest, and as such did not gain the knowledge about most of the area.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Aelinore will NOT automatically become your Beloved after finishing this quest, it will just give a higher chance as it will possibly max out her Affinity especially since finishing the Arousing Suspicion quest also gives her a large amount of Affinity. If you want to drastically reduce the chance of her becoming your Beloved; simply reduce her Affinity to 0 BEFORE the start of this quest by going to her Chamber in the Duke's Demesne and giving her a Liquid Effluvium or using the Sheathe/Unsheathe method, and have your love interest at max Affinity with an Arisen's Bond.


  • ps329px-Icon ps3xbox36020px-Icon xbox360 Aelinore will sometimes get stuck on ladders.
    • This can be fixed by jumping, grabbing her and leaving her on the ground.


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