Duskmoon Tower is a location in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


Duskmoon Tower is an area located on Bitterblack Isle, initially accessed from the Garden of Ignominy.

The Duskmoon Tower connects to the Rotunda of Dread (on the third floor), the Midnight Helix (which contains the Void Key to open the door to the Vault of Defiled Truth), and the Vault of Defiled Truth on the first floor below the Rotunda of Dread.

Before the first defeat of Daimon ("Pre-Daimon"), the Duskmoon Tower is almost completely safe from enemies (except for a few snakes and spiders lingering near the Rotunda of Dread entrance on the second floor).

Barroch makes his first appearance here, where he will remain until the Gazer is defeated for the first time (also in New Game Plus).

There are seventeen chests and several ore deposits, as well as eight unique doors which require Moonbeam Gems to open. Behind the doors are chests containing various Bitterblack weapons, armor, and novelties (see the chart below). Eight different Moonbeam Gems are needed to open all of the doors, as the gems cannot be forged. Moonbeam Gems can be found throughout Bitterblack Isle and in chest #2 in the Bitterblack Sanctum.

After the first defeat of Daimon ("Post-Daimon"), either a Firedrake (accompanied by Hellhounds) or a Thunderwyvern (with two Gargoyles) will spawn. A Cursed Dragon may also randomly spawn.

Rancid Bait Meat used in Duskmoon Tower will lure a Cursed Dragon, Pre-Daimon or Post-Daimon.

Points of interest

The Duskmoon Tower provides access to the following areas:


Barroch is first met on entering the tower for the first time - he will remain in the Duskmoon Tower only until the Gazer is defeated for the first time. Initially the open area only contains fauna.

Later various deadly foes may appear including a Wyvern which only appears during first Post-Daimon visit - other creatures found here may include a Cursed Dragon, Firedrake, Thunderwyvern, Gargoyles, Hellhounds, and possibly a Maneater.

Cragshadow Morel, Lunanise (x 1), and Kingwarish, and Potent Greenwarish grow here, whilst minable deposits may yield Moonstone, Hunk of Platinum, Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Copper Ore, or Rock.



Refer to map for all chest locations.

There are eight stone doors here, unlocked only by Moonbeam Gems - they contain respectively : 1 Ring of Perseverance, 2 Dragon's Ire, 3 Trophy Jacket, 4 Dragon's Glaze, 5 Adept's Robe, 6 Ring of Desiccation , 7 Adept's Mantle , and 8 Dragon's Roost.

Additionally there are two Macabre Sculptures to be found here.

A variety of items can be gathered, commonly Absorbent Rag, Harspud Sauce, or Harspud Juice as well as Sorrowstone, Rift Crystal, Coin Pouches, Skull, or Angel's Periapt. Gather spot 5 (see map) may yield a Bitterblack Gear Lv.1.

Miscellaneous items found include a Pickaxe, Ancient Scroll, Empty Flask, and a Harspud Juice.

Map Duskmoon Tower


No. Pre-Daimon Post-Daimon
1 Liftstone , Rift Cluster

Rift Crystal (verify) , Rift Polycrystal


Large Coin Pouch , Light-Cure , Flask of Oil

Giant Coin Pouch , Flask of Oil (verify)


Large Coin Pouch , Giant Coin Pouch , Light-Cure , Flask of Oil

Giant Coin Pouch , Light-Cure , Flask of Oil , Maneater


Blast Arrow ,Skeleton Key , Bitterblack Novelty Lv.1

Blast Arrow ,Bitterblack Novelty Lv.1 ,Maneater

5 Rift Crystal , Wakestone Shard
6 Rift Cluster , Liftstone

Balmy Perfume , Detoxicating Powder , Sleeper Arrow , Rift Crystal , ||Maneater


Liftstone , Bitterblack Gear Lv.1 , Two-Hander , Wooden Wall , Magian Crutch , Free-Spoken Earring

Rift Bicrystal , Liftstone (verify) , Bitterblack Gear Lv.2 , Twilight Manicae , Twilight Greaves


Giant Coin Pouch , The Sundering Spear Tome , Winter's Path Tome , Jewel of Time

Jewel of Time , Maneater


Rift Crystal , Bitterblack Gear Lv.1 , Cloudwine , Reinforced Longbow , Missionary's Robe , Brown Leathers , Battle Greaves

Rift Bicrystal (verify) , Panacea , Bitterblack Gear Lv.1 (verify) , Maneater

11 Balmy Perfume , Detoxicating Powder , Rift Crystal , Sleeper Arrow
12 Rift Crystal , Wakestone Shard Maneater
13 Free-Spoken Earring , Magian Crutch , Wooden Wall , Liftstone , Two-Hander ,

Bitterblack Gear Lv.1

Bitterblack Gear Lv.2 , Rift Bicrystal , Rift Polycrystal , Twilight Greaves , Twilight Manicae

14 Recluse's Robe , Sight Earring , Worker's Gloves

Bitterblack Weapon Lv.2 , Rift Bicrystal

15 Balmy Perfume , Detoxicating Powder , Rift Crystal , Sleeper Arrow
16 Platinum Ring , Ring of Onyx , Throwblast
17 Balmy Incense , Bitterblack Gear Lv.1 Bitterblack Novelty Lv.2


  • Even if a Cursed Dragon appears Barroch will stoically stand his ground, readily available for the party to change equipment and skill loadouts, purchase healing items, deposit and withdraw loot.
  • The in game music at the Duskmoon Tower is very similar to or influenced by the Sanctus hymn from the Christian liturgy.