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Duskmoon Tower
Dark Arisen Screenshot 6
Location Info
Bitterblack Isle

Duskmoon Tower is a location in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


Duskmoon Tower is an area located on Bitterblack Isle. It is accessed from the Garden of Ignominy.

Before the first defeat of Daimon ("Pre-Daimon"), the Duskmoon Tower is almost completely safe from enemies (except for a few snakes and spiders lingering near the Rotunda of Dread entrance on the second floor). Barroch makes his first appearance here, where he will remain until the Gazer is defeated for the first time (also in New Game Plus). There are seventeen chests and several ore deposits, as well as eight unique doors that require Moonbeam Gems to open. Eight different Moonbeam Gems are needed to open all of the doors, as the gems cannot be forged.

After the first defeat of Daimon ("Post-Daimon"), either a Firedrake (accompanied by Hellhounds) or a Thunderwyvern (with two Gargoyles) will spawn. A Cursed Dragon may also randomly spawn.

Rancid Bait Meat used in Duskmoon Tower will lure a Cursed Dragon, Pre-Daimon or Post-Daimon.



Related questsEdit


Map Duskmoon Tower

Refer to map for all chest locations.

Moonbeam Gem Door Chests

Quest Items

Chest Loot


Pre-Daimon Loot Post-Daimon Loot


Pre-Daimon Loot Post-Daimon Loot


Pre-Daimon Loot Post-Daimon Loot


Pre-Daimon Loot Post-Daimon Loot





Pre-Daimon Loot Post-Daimon Loot


Pre-Daimon Loot Post-Daimon Loot


Pre-Daimon Loot Post-Daimon Loot








Gathering Spots

Gathering Spot #1

Gathering Spot #2

Gathering Spot #3

Gathering Spot #4

Gathering Spot #5

Permanent Loot Edit

First Floor

Third Floor

Mined from Ore Deposits

Points of interestEdit

The Duskmoon Tower provides access to the following areas:

Notes Edit

The Pre-Daimon, Pre-Gazer Duskmoon Tower provides a convenient base to farm levels, monster drops and Gold. In refraining from slaying the Gazer, Barroch maintains his position upstairs near the doorway leading to the Garden of Ignominy. Barroch will relocate after the Gazer is slain for the first time, largely nullifying the convenience of the Duskmoon Tower as a farming base.

Even if a Cursed Dragon appears Barroch will stoically stand his ground, readily available for the party to change equipment and skill loadouts, purchase healing items, deposit and withdraw loot (such as Blessed Flowers, Fiend-luring Incense, etc), and purchase Weal items (like Pilgrim's Charms) to convert the abundant deer and rabbits below into Gold pouches.

The nearby Rift Stone in the Ward of Regret can quickly heal pawns, cure debilitations and offer new pawns for the party.

The Rotunda of Dread, directly across from Barroch, provides an unlimited supply of high level boss monsters to amass experience points and levels quickly.

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