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Easy Kill is a skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Darts behind the target after parrying their attack, then slits their throat."

Ur-Dragon Vs03:57

Ur-Dragon Vs. Assassin's Counter



  • Upgrades to Masterful Kill.
  • Functions as a counterattack. When an enemy goes to attack you and you activate Easy Kill, the Arisen will go into a defensive stance holding the daggers in front of his or her body, if the enemy physical attack connects during this action, it usually spells certain death for the offending enemy. At this point, the Arisen clambers onto the enemy's neck and slits said neck with the daggers if the enemy is small enough, like a Goblin or a Bandit. If the enemy is larger like a Cyclops or an Ogre however, the Arisen with latch onto said enemy and do a sort of spinning uppercut with their daggers that deals 5-7 hits on the enemy. Like its Sword variant, Clairvoyance it is an effective blocking ability as you will not receive damage if performed correctly providing the attack isn't a magic spell or a ranged attack like an arrow.
  • It cannot counter grabs.
  • Can counter large enemy attacks. (Such as the Ur-Dragon's Holy Furor and Bolide)



Dragon's Dogma Assassin Easy Kill00:16

Dragon's Dogma Assassin Easy Kill

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