Eden's Warden is a weapon available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A blazing blade that cannot be extinguished. Possessed of a fire enchantment for all time."

Formed from a Trusty Sword permanently enchanted with fire - it is the only fire enchanted (short) sword in the game.


  • Sold by Reynard, after completion of the first part of the quest Search Party.
  • Sold by Caxton at Caxton's Armory in Gran Soren after giving him a Bronze Idol (or better) during the quest Idol Worship.
  • May be found at a gather spot at The Tomb of the Unknown Traveler, located in a stone with a sword sticking out of it.
  • Within chests on the second level underground in the Catacombs.
  • In an 'eye' shaped tunnel area in the southeast part of the Ancient Quarry.
  • In the Watergod's Altar, immediately after descending the ladder leading to the room full of Saurians guarding the bridge lever.
    Eden's Warden vs Griffin02:34

    Eden's Warden vs Griffin

    Eden's Warden is very useful against foes vulnerable to Fire. In this video the Arisen sets a Griffin's wings on fire with the Eden's Warden sword, forcing it down from the sky and ultimately slaying it. Hard mode demonstration, and no pawns, armor, curatives, buffs or Wakestones are used.

Usable By

DDicon fighterStriderNMageN DDicon assassinMagicarcherNDDicon magicknight WarriorNRangerNSorcererN


Stars 0t
Stars 1t
Stars 2t
Stars 3t
DFIcon SRIcon GRIcon
N/A 2,610 G 8,110 G
Necrophagous Loin x3
25,000 G
Magick Medal x3
Click here for
5,200 RC
Hunk of Platinum x4
7,200 RC
Large Fisheye Stone x2
Strength 120 130 141 153 230 251 333
Magick 170 185 200 217 326 523 632
Slash Strength 100%
Bludgeoning Strength -
Stagger Power 180 180 189 216 262 271 320
Knockdown Power 180 180 189 216 262 271 320
Element Fire
Debilitations - - - - - - -
Weight 1.65 1.65 1.57 1.40 1.24 1.24 1.24

Enhancement Item Locations


  • The Eden's Warden sword is a Judeo-Christian reference from the Torah and Holy Bible.
    Cherubim 4587297483 170057cc41 z

    Adam & Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden by a flaming sword wielding angel.

    • In Genesis 3:24, Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden after they both consumed a forbidden apple from the Tree of Life. They were escorted out of paradise by Archangel Jophiel (a member of the cherubim), who brandished a fiery sword.
    • "After sending them out, the Lord God stationed mighty cherubim to the east of the Garden of Eden. And he placed a flaming sword that flashed back and forth to guard the way to the Tree of Life." (New Living Translation).
    • After the "Fall of man", God had angels guard the entrance to the Garden of Eden and the Tree of Life was guarded by an additional sentry : a flaming sword, Eden's Warden (fictional name).
  • Can be paired, replaced or supplemented with with the Fire enchanted shield Scorched Pelta.
  • The Font of Fire is a permanent fire enchanted mace suitable for Mystic Knights.