Elite Lantern is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"A small light source that burns liquid fuel and casts light brighter and wider than a normal lantern. It has enough oil to burn for a while."

The Elite Lantern produces more illumination in dark dungeons or at night than the standard Lantern, rendering areas more visible. Its illumination radius is approximately two times larger than the standard Lantern.

Lasts around half an hour before needing to be refilled with oil.

Only obtainable by purifying a Bitterblack Novelty Lv.3.

Lantern Effect

The effect of Radiance and comparison with a standard lantern

Elite Lantern Radius

With and without an elite lantern


  • Equipping a (lit) lantern when tarred is a sure-fire way to set oneself on fire. Be careful.
  • The radius of illumination is larger than of a standard Lantern coupled with the Ranger augment Radiance.
  • The Radiance augment couples with the Elite Lantern to boost visibility even further.
  • Absent the Prolongation augment, Oil does not last longer than with normal Lanterns.
  • Elite Lanterns are still susceptible to being extinguished when Drenched in water, as with normal Lanterns. Only by equipping a Ring of Desiccation or when under the positive status effect impervious can Lanterns be extinguish-proof.
  • Removing all Lanterns from the party will make it harder for Death to locate them. In order to unequip a pawn's lantern, make any change to the pawn's equipment (remove weapon, head gear, etc.) and they will put the lantern away and bring it back. There is a small window that will allow the Arisen to discard or give the lantern to the Arisen.
  • Equipping an Elite Lantern onto a Pawn does provide a discernible increase in illumination compared to a regular Lantern, and still does not use oil. However the illumination from an ally's lantern is still negligible compared to the amount of light emitted from the Arisen's light source.
  • In highly detailed areas (such as Dripstone Cave) or most outdoor areas at night (like Barta Crags), brighter illumination may cause the game's frame-rate to drop noticeably with an Elite Lantern compared to a regular Lantern (less noticeable on PC).


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