Eminence is an augment available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Renders your jumping attacks more powerful."

When jumping, the Arisen's Strength, both primary and secondary, are boosted by +30%. Magick is unaffected.

In Dragon's Dogma this skill also applies the same boost to skill based attacks that involve a jump, such as Skull Splitter, Sunflare, Sky Rapture - In Dark Arisen the Skull Splitter type skills no longer give a boost in strength, but if a jump (Vault) is performed first, the strength boost is given.

The strength boost will increase the attack power of all physical attacks, including daggers, sword, mace, hammer, bow and longbow.


  • This Augment triggers once the Arisen performs a jump or is lifted in the air via skills that leave further actions open, such as Leaping Stone or Launchboard.
    • The strength boost registers in the 'status' page in the pause menu - base strength is not boosted.
    • The effect ends once landed.
      Brain Splitter with Eminence equipped vs Griffin (demonstration)

      Brain Splitter with Eminence equipped vs Griffin (demonstration)

      2 Brain Splitters to the head were needed to slay this Griffin. Goldforged Framae Blades with a Brain Splitter ring, a strength ring and the Eminence, Clout and Vehemence augments were equipped here.

  • Works with all physical based attacks including the Mage heavy attack Magick Billow.
  • This is a very good Augment for Warriors because they have excellent jumping core attacks and rely quite a bit on them due to their limited number of skills.
  • The Magick Archer skill Sunflare activates this Augment, but usually receives no or little boost as the spell is cast on landing. For more details see Sunflare.