Eradication Site is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


A war-torn battlefield near the center of the western Gransys region. It can be found by heading due west from The Ruins of Aernst Castle.

The remains of a battle are found here, including Ox carcasses, and torn pennants. Sometimes a captive cage may be found here on a raised stone platform - when Goblins take a prisoner here.

You can encounter Griffin in this place at morning-daytime. In Post-Game, a Cockatrice will spawn here.

North of the Conquerer's Sanctuary, a pawn may mention that it was not always in goblin's nature to attack humans.


There isn't anything to be found day. By night, occasionally the whole captive cage spawns here -as a part of Leave No Prisoners quest, and also two Weapon/Armor piles and a chest.

Weapon/Armor pile by the tree next to the cage may yield, apart from common items: Hemp Shirt, Rusted Daggers, or Angel's Periapt.

Weapon/Armor pile far to the south, close to the smoldering pile of debris may yield, apart from common items: Ironclad Staff, Rusted Warhammer, Angel's Periapt.

The chest, by the cage,may contain: Blast Arrow, Sleeper Arrow, Silencer Arrow, Blinder Arrow, Poison Arrow, Oil Arrow, or Coin Pouch.

Note that all the loot sources will vanish once the quest no more: completed, failed or neglected, if one will move away enough. For specific loactions see a map here


Pawn Chatter

"This place must have seen a ferocious battle."
"Castle walls? Or ruins of such?"
"The poor beast... Goblin handiwork, like as not."
"Monsters prowl land and sky alike. Take care you're not caught unawares."