Estan Plains is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Estan Plains are situated in the heart of Gransys, where the capital of Gran Soren resides. Ruins of fallen outer fortifications of Gran Soren form a broken ring through the plain.

Roads out of Gran Soren lead: north towards the Deos Hills and Conquest Road; west to the Wilted Forest - a side path from this leads to The Ancient Quarry; and southwest towards Moonsbit Pass and the Moonshower Cliffs. Two minor exits of The Catacombs are found here - one under the river bridge, and another next to one of the broken walls west of the capital.

The coast area to the east is named Cape Pactforge. Amongst the broken walls is a small hut, refered to as the Collapsed Meeting Room, and near the Quarry entrance are two more huts, on of which is refered to as the Miner's Hut.



Despite being so close to the capital, the area is still rife with bandits looking to assail travelers, and monsters out beyond the crumbling walls.

The main inhabitant of the plains are numerous peaceful Oxen. In addition there are Bandits waiting to ambush unwary travellers near and on the broken walls just outside Gran Soren's gates. Further out Harpies circling a small stagnant pool can be found, and on the far boundaries Goblins and Wolves, whilst at the edge of the plains, near the river are Saurians. In the open area between Gran Soren and The Ancient Quarry may be found a Cyclops. The presence of Oxen sometimes attracts a Griffin.

At night Undead arise along the roads and fields, and the Goblins become more bold taking to the road leading to the Quarry, elsewhere Salvation Members also appear at night in ambush.

During Post-Game, the plains become infested with Hellhounds, whilst the sky is filled with more Harpies and Succubi; two Gargoyles take roost on an old gate on the path between Gran Soren's south and north gates. Additionally a Wyvern appears, remaining in the area until opened out Everfall is entered for the first time. East of the Miner's Hut, near the road, a Drake appears.


The roads leading from Gran Soren are traversed by porters and soldiers during the day, as well as an occasional Wandering Pawn.

People found here include the porters ands traders Alastor, and Keenan; and the guards Ser Basius, Ser Bryan, Ser Elrend, Ser Rickart, Ser Roderick, Ser Serdic, Ser Sharlen.


Note : chest loot lists are incomplete
Estan chests
Chest Loot Chest Loot
1 Oil Arrow x10, Silencer Arrow x10, Blast Arrow x10, Blinder Arrow x10, Coin Pouch

A Weapon/Armor Pile few meters to southeast may yield: Rusted Bow, Rusted Spellbow or Sylvan Bow

2 Harspud Juice, Desiccated Herbs
3 Harspud Juice, Pickled Mushrooms, Desiccated Herbs 4 Seeker's Token, Coin Pouch, Large Coin Pouch, Angel's Periapt
5 Angel's Periapt, Conqueror's Periapt, Demon's Periapt, Mage's Periapt, Coin Pouch or Large Coin Pouch. A Weapon/Armor Pile to the northwest across the river and beneath a tree may yield: Stilettos, Rusted Daggers or Royal Banner 6 Oil Arrow, Coin Pouch, Poison Arrow x10, Sleeper Arrow x10, Blinder Arrow x10, Blast Arrow x10
7 Sylvan Bow, Mage's Shoes, Ebon Neck Wrap 8 Conqueror's Periapt, Coin Pouch, Demon's Periapt, Seeker's Token
9 Blinder Arrow, Sleeper Arrow x10, Coin Pouch 10 Oil Arrow, Poison Arrow x10, Coin Pouch, Sleeper Arrow x10
11 Foreign Knife, Dragon’s Spit, Coin Pouch 12 Desiccated Herbs
13 Shoulder Cape, Faerie Hood, Iron Leg Guards 14 Bottled Haste, Coin Pouch, Interventive, Light-Cure
15 Two chests:
  1. Harspud Juice, Desiccated Herbs
  2. Coin Pouch
16 Mage's Periapt, Large Coin Pouch, Demon's Periapt, Seeker's Token
17 The Storage Shed : Shoulder Cape, Thunderclap, Favored Flower, Battle Greaves 18 Coin Pouch, Large Coin Pouch, Mage's Periapt, Seeker's Token, Conqueror's Periapt
19 Coin Pouch, Harspud Juice, Desiccated Herbs 20 Blinder Arrow, Coin Pouch, Blast Arrow x10, Silencer Arrow x10, Oil Arrow x10, Sleeper Arrow x10
21 Interventive 22 Pickled Mushrooms
23 Angel's Periapt 24 Three chests, one at ground level, and a further two on the quarry ledges (from south to north):
  1. Dragon’s Spit
  2. Circlet
  3. Coin Pouch
25 Behind the Miner's Hut:

Blinder Arrow, Blast Arrow

26 Light-Cure, Coin Pouch, Bottled Haste

A Weapon Pile northwest of here along the cliff edge may give an Ironclad Staff

27 Leather Protector, Rose Ring, Common Archistaff.

A Weapon/Armor Pile on the same rock may give Quill.

28 Desiccated Herbs
29 Foreign Knife 30 Hidden in bushes : Foreign Knife, Dragon’s Spit, Coin Pouch
31 Sleeper Arrow, Oil Arrow, Coin Pouch, Blast Arrow


Seeker's Token


  • Griffin's Bane - the rendezvous with the men of the enlistment corps starts here.

Pawn Chatter

"Gran Soren, the beating heart of all Gransys."
"Those walls must be a great comfort to those who dwell within."
"Mm, feel that breeze..."
"Stray from the roads and we'll soon find monsters, Arisen."
"The ground bears tracks... A wild animal of some sort?"
"Even the captial is not without its dangers. Best we remained cautious."
"The water draws some beasts near. Stay sharp."
" 'Twas mosters left these scars."
"Monsters may nest in empty tents, Master. Beware."
"Be it monsters or beasts of the wood, there is plenty of reason to stay wary."
"That's goblin I smell, Master. Keep close watch around us."
"I'll warrant this was a proud wall, once. Perhaps there's aught nearby yet."
"Seems we've found the quarry."
"Such open locales make fleeing from enemies a tricky proposition."
"The duke's forces grow. Din army of scholars peer over old texts, all to fight the wyrm."  (subs display the wrong text)


  • The wall ruins are the consequence of an attack by a flock of Griffins around thirty years before the events in Dragon's Dogma. See also the quest Committed to Memory.
  • At the northwestern part of plains there is a large cavity (inhabited by Wolves) and signs of a camp. There are also smaller excavations all around. This may inditacte former mining activity in the area.
  • At night a lots of Undead arise from the ground, mostly around roads and river beds which may point to either large scale of Bandits /Goblins activity in the region or some cataclysm in the past
  • At Cape Pactforge the Brine attacks very close to the shore.