Estan Plains is a location in Dragon's Dogma.


The Estan Plains are situated in the heart of Gransys, where the capital of Gran Soren resides. Ruins of fallen outer fortifications of Gran Soren form a broken ring through the plain.

Despite being so close to the capital, the area is still rife with bandits looking to assail travelers, and monsters out beyond the crumbling walls.

The main inhabitant of the plains are numerous peaceful Oxen. In addition there are Bandits waiting to ambush unwary travellers near and on the broken walls just outside Gran Soren's gates. Further out Harpies circling a small stagnant pool can be found, and on the far boundaries Goblins and Wolves, whilst at the edge of the plains, near the river are Saurians. In the open area between Gran Soren and The Ancient Quarry may be found a Cyclops. The presence of Oxen sometimes attracts a Griffin.

At night Undead arise along the roads and fields, and the Goblins become more bold taking to the road leading to the Quarry, elsewhere Salvation Members also appear at night in ambush.

During Post-Game, the plains become infested with Hellhounds, whilst the sky is filled with more Harpies and Succubi; two Gargoyles take roost on an old gate on the path between Gran Soren's south and north gates. Additionally a Wyvern appears, remaining in the area until opened out Everfall is entered for the first time. Near the huts at the northern entrance to the Anicent Quarry a Drake appears, up until the Everfall has been entered.


The roads leading from Gran Soren are traversed by porters and soldiers during the day, as well as an occasional Wandering Pawn.

People found here include:


  • Griffin's Bane - the rendezvous with the men of the enlistment corps starts here.

Points of Interest