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Evil Eye
Evil Eye with several tentacles removed
Tom DalyAdded by Tom Daly

Evil Eye is an Enemy in Dragon's Dogma

Evil Eyes are only found in The Everfall and in the Rotunda of Dread (Bitterblack Isle). They are large versions of Vile Eyes. They are large floating eyeballs with protective "eyelids" that have teeth instead of eyelashes and are covered entirely in sentient tentacles that aid in both defense and offense.

Information and StatsEdit

General InfoEdit

Type Monster / Boss
Experience gained

Base Exp of 18,100

Can be more or less depending on a few factors such as:



Health Attack Defense Magick Attack Magick Defense Weight
66,666 1,400 350 1,400 650 1,500

Damage TakenEdit

Slash Bash
100% 75% 30% 30% 30% 150% 10%


Attack Type Description
Barrier Spec Protects itself from all damage while not attacking. Can be broken with enough magic attacks.
Summon Tentacles Spec

Constantly teleports the Tentacles on its main body out of the ground to attack you as long as it is alive. Does not lower it's Barrier to do this.

Cut the Tentacles off when they are coming out of the ground and it will remove one off the main body.

Tentacle Magick Mag Tentacles cast basic spells at you such as fireballs, icicles and lightning balls. Each one casts quickly and while it doesn't do much damage it can stun you and leave you open to the main Eye's attacks.
Tentacle Attack Phys Tentacles will lash out at nearby targets knocking them backwards.
Crippling Beam Status Floats up high above the arena, then shines a large beam of light from its eye down at the ground, which can cause Blindness, Poison, Magick Defense Reduction, Torpor and Petrification to all that stand within the light. It will also remove any temporary buff to Strength, Magick, Defense and Magick Defense.
Magick Attacks Mag/Status Casts various high level spells at you such as High Seism, High Perdition and Skill Stifling.
Tentacle Grab Phys One of the tentacles on the Eye grabs you and throws you away, which can deal fall damage if you get thrown high enough. Often occurs when attacking with melee and when behind the Eye. Tentacles that spawn out of the ground can do this too.
Silentium Mag/Status Casts a spell which silences anyone within range.
Grab and Bite Phys

The main Eye lunges towards you and grabs you with its 'eyelids' and proceeds to chew on you for heavy damage. You must free yourself by wiggling the L-stick enough or else it will leave you with 1 hp and throw you to the ground. However, it does kill your pawns.

If you move away from it while it tries to bite you it might get stuck in the floor, allowing you to wail on it until it recovers.

It's shield will be down if it is chewing on someone so do as much damage as you can both to free the target and deal damage.

Dimensional Phase-Shift Spec

After taking heavy damage, the Eye retreats to another dimension and summons tentacles that attack you with weak spells and weak melee attacks. Kill the tentacles until the Eye returns.

It can also use this to cover ground quickly, teleporting to your position to execute melee attacks or teleporting away from you.

Mouth Drop Phys If climbing on the Eye while it still has tentacles on it, one of the tentacles will proceed to grab you and then drop you into the 'mouth' of the Eye and then it performs it's biting attack. You must wriggle the L-stick fast enough to free yourself or else you will take massive damage.
Petrification Mag/Status The Eye will cast a spell that conjure up several red balls from the ground, which then explodes into a petrifying mist. Anyone standing in the area of effect when it explodes will begin to petrify.
Regenerate Spec After it has lost all it's tentacles on the main body, it will eventually teleport away and adopt a regenerating stance. While it is regenerating it's barrier is down so try to stun it before all the tentacles regrow. If you fail, all tentacles will be back.
Spin Attack Phys Spins itself around to knock anyone near it away. Knocks people off of it as well.


Evil Eye Rate With Drake, Wyrm, or Wyvern Tear Rate
Malecryst 55% Wakestone 100%
Evil Eyeball 25%
Rift Cluster 4%
Wakestone 100% (up to 3)

Evil Eye TentaclesEdit

The Evil Eye can constantly summon Tentacles from its main body out of the ground to attack the Arisen and their party. As long as the Eye Evil is alive it will continue to summon an infinite amount of tentacles.

Areas that are filled with Tentacles, yet no Evil Eye is present should be exited immediately. Without destroying the main body, Evil Eye Tentacles will continue to be summoned without end.


Attack Type Description
Tentacle Magick Mag Tentacles cast basic spells at you such as fireballs, icicles and lightning balls. Each one casts quickly and while it doesn't do much damage it can stun you and leave you open to the main Eye's attacks.
Tentacle Attack Phys Tentacles will lash out at nearby targets knocking them backwards.
Tentacle Grab Phys Tentacles will grab you and throw you away, which can deal fall damage if you get thrown high enough.


Evil Eye Rate With Drake, Wyrm, or Wyvern Tear Rate
Malecryst 10% Greenwarish 4%
Malecryst Shard 20% Potent Greenwarish 6%
Eyedropper 4%
Secret Softener 4%
Panacea 2%
Throat Drops 4%
Purifying Brew 4%
Strongwarish 2%


  • Immune to Silence and Torpor (slow).
  • Vulnerable to Holy enchanted weapons.
  • The Evil Eye has tentacles with sharp teeth all over its body. Chopping off the tentacles from its body will damage it, allowing the Arisen to attack its main body.
  • While its barrier is up, it is completely invulnerable to attacks of any kind. The barrier can be broken with magick attacks or just wait until the Eye begins an attack as it will lower its barrier.
  • The Evil Eye is also a master spell caster and has the ability to Silence other casters or Skill Stifle others. High resistance to Silence and/or Skill Stifling is useful here with the appropriate armor.
  • Evil Eyes can also Petrify and Blind players. It will float into the air, if a bright light is flashed then it's casting petrify or if its eye begins to close then it's casting blind.
  • The Evil Eye summons tentacles that constantly rise up from the floor. These tentacles can grab players with their mouth, attack or cast basic spells. Keeping these under control is a necessity. If the Evil Eye starts taking any real damage it phase-shifts out of existence, leaving players to fight the many tentacles it has been summoning. Destroy these until it reappears.
  • If the shielding over its eye ever disappears, or the Evil Eye is stunned and the eyeball is out, strike at it with ranged or melee attacks to inflict huge damage on the boss. This phase will not last long until it rises back up and protects itself with a barrier and more tentacles.
  • Melee vocations will have some difficulty fighting against an Evil Eye as it moves around. Making it near impossible to strike unless it has stopped moving.
    • Physical skills that pack a massive punch can generally cleave a fair bit of Health from an Evil Eye as it appears less resistant to physical strikes as opposed to magick.
  • Sorcerers : Seism can one shot the eye if strong enough. It can be tricky to cast since it takes so long to charge. Try casting far away from the Eye and moving towards it while charging till about halfway, then release the attack for a strong attack.
  • Rangers : Use Tenfold Flurry and aim straight into the eyeball while the barrier is down. This will cause the Evil Eye to take massive damage and likely become stunned.
    • Riskier Rangers can also to charge up Great Gamble while the Evil Eye is phasing in and out. Lure the Evil Eye into trying to eat the player and right before it swallows, its eye will pop out. Use Great Gamble on the eye to deal massive damage and even killing it in the process.
  • Magick Archers : Explosive Rivets do immense amounts of damage quickly. This will make taking down its shield and knocking it out easy.
  • Mystic Knights : Holy Furor can quickly defeat the Evil Eye.
  • While the Eye is down, the Arisen can climb onto the eyeball and use Hundred Kisses, Gouge, Great Gamble or Great Sacrifice to deal massive damage.


  • "The Dragon defeated by the Arisen in the past, used its remaining magic, injected into its eye, therefore created this magical creature" - Dragon's Dogma Official Design Works P.160
  • The Evil Eye bears a strong resemblance to the Beholders of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. This lead to it being dubbed a Beholder by fans before its official name was known.
  • During its regeneration phase, it looks remarkably similar to the regenerative second phase of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes' final boss: Emperor Ing, complete with holes where tentacles pop out of and a spherical shape. These bosses also both feature one large Eye that can shoot beams out of.
  • It possesses 66,666 HP, possibly a reference to the "number of the beast" in the Christian bible.
  • Due to the multi-headed nature of an evil eye, Maker's Fingers nearly always fail at killing, or damaging the core of the beast.

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