Exequy is a Dark based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Invokes a magickal aura capable of destroying outright any foe held within its span for a set length of time."

Upgrades to High Exequy.

Sorcerer spell

The version of Exequy cast by Sorcerers can be used to target single or multiple enemies in a single cast - as any foe moves into the spell's area of effect a circular countdown sigil will appear on the target indicating the progress of the spell.  Once the circle is completed, the spell has been successfully cast; multiple targets can be made in the course of a single use of the spell. When the spell is released, any foes onto which the spell sigil completed a rotation will be destroyed or killed.

The progress of the spell sigil rotation is related to the strength and resistances of the foe - a small rat's sigil completes almost instantly, whilst a Golem's takes minutes to terminate. Exequy can destroy any enemy, including usually magick-resistant ones such as Golems; however it is completely ineffective against any human foe.

In the case of hybrids and monstrosities such as Chimera and Evil Eyes the spell will target each 'head' separately, and just as it can destroy a usually magick-resistant Golem, Exequy can target an Evil Eye even when its impermeable shield is up.

Casting Exequy drains Stamina continuously until release. The amount of time required, that is the speed at which the spell rotation progresses, is dependent on the Magick stat of the caster.(verify)

The advanced form High Exequy has similar properties, but greater range of effect.

Creature spell

This spell is used against the Arisen and allies in Gransys during encounters with Gorechimeras, Wyrms, and Liches. In Bitterblack Isle, Maneaters, Frostwyrms and the Dark Bishop frequently employ this attack.

When cast by a creature, the spell's properties are subtly different: a sigil appears on the floor, with its rotation indication the progression of the spell. When the spell completes, any caught within the sigil will be killed regardless of the time spent within the sigil, thus the sigil is only truly dangerous at the moment the spell completes.

Whilst the Arisen and human allies will be killed, Pawns are only rendered unconscious, and can be easily revived.


Sorcerer spell
  • Effective against mobs of weak but very mobile enemies or as a sneak attack from afar.
  • This spell has the longest range of all Sorcerer spells, with a range comparable to the Ranger's longbow attacks.
    • The range of effect from the spell sigil is spherical.
  • Also targets hidden creatures, such as Garden birds or Leapworms.
  • Hold down the spell button until the timer completes or the spell will cancel.
  • The speed of the timer is affected by the enemy's Dark resistance.(verify)
  • Periapts do not affect either stamina consumption or casting time.
  • An enemy's remaining health does not affect the time required.
  • The Arisen can use stamina curatives as long as the player continuously holds the shoulder button. This tactic allows a player to kill large enemies otherwise impossible due to the skill's large stamina consumption. The spell button can be released whilst in the inventory, but must be held when returning from inventory.
  • The Ur-Dragon is immune.
Creature spell
  • Certain attacks and skills (for example Compass Slash) grant temporary invulnerability when in use, and allow the user to be within the sigil when it completes due to invincibility frames.