Expediting Papers is an item available in Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.


"Dispatch that shortens the time required to forge items at the Black Cat in Gran Soren."


  • Cuts the time needed to forge duplicates in half when carried in the party's inventory.  Ordinarily, whenever the player duplicates an item at The Black Cat in Gran Soren, one full day (24 hours of in-game time) is required for the duplication process to complete. For example, submitting an item for duplication at 6 AM will usually be ready at 6 AM the next day; with Expediting Papers, the item will be ready at 6 PM on the same day.
  • This item will not be accepted nor will it be acknowledged by Mountebank.  Though Mountebank says "I'll have the goods ready this time tomorrow..." he nonetheless responds to its presence in the party inventory by cutting the ready time in half.
  • Does not stack with multiple Expediting Papers. The time required to produce a forgery at the Black Cat in Gran Soren will only be halved, regardless of how many Expediting Papers the party is carrying in inventory.



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