Explosive Rivet is a Fire based skill available in Dragon's Dogma.


"An advanced form of Explosive Bolt that remains lodged in its target for a longer period of time and causes more damage when struck with a blow."

An advanced version of Explosive Bolt that fires a packet of three magickal arrows enchanted with fire that explode when hit with a physical blow.


  • A maximum of 4 explosive rivet arrow groups can be active at any one time.
    • With explosive bolt at least 8 single bolts can be active at one time, attempt to conjure more will likely fail due to the earliest bolts dissipating due to their natural time span expiring.
  • Inflicts Fire based magical damage on impact that scales with the Arisen's magic attack.
    • Each arrow or arrow packet with remain active for 60 seconds.
  • Any arrow struck with a physical blow or attack will explode, causing damage similar to that of a blast arrow, but purely magickal in nature.
    • Collisions will also trigger the explosion
    • The explosion will not harm the Arisen and pawns, nor will the resulting explosion provoke a flinching reaction by the party.
    • Pure magic attacks like Magick Bolt, or Grand Scension will not detonate the rivets.
    • Arrows from pawns do not explode the arrows
  • Can inflict the Burning status on the enemy target.
  • Especially effective against enemies highly vulnerable to Fire, such as Cursed Dragons and Frostwyrms.
  • Despite being named Explosive, it does not deal environmental damage, and so does not knock ores out of Ore deposit.


  • Explosive Rivet(s) in combination with Vortex Trail to gather the foes, and a physical attack to trigger the explosion is very effective against mobs.
  • Instant Reset can be used to decrease the overall time spent firing these magic arrows.


Cursed Dragon dead in 24 seconds, party undamaged-000:50

Cursed Dragon dead in 24 seconds, party undamaged-0

Target the enemy's weak spots and areas that can be reached will melee attacks. Follow up with Cutting Wind or allow pawns to detonate the explosive rivets with melee attacks. Arrows will not detonate the rivets. Hard mode demonstration with no buffs, curatives or Wakestones used.