Eye for an Eye is a DLC quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


"Reports of peddlers and pawns attacked by cyclopes have become a daily matter. The duke has dispatched a force from Gran Soren, but the brutes are vast in number. There have been sightings near the falls, and in the south. Go and thin their ranks."

Defeat 3 Cyclopes in South Gransys or The Watergod's Altar.


This quest becomes available on The Encampment notice board immediately after Harbinger of Destruction.

Cyclopes are highly vulnerable to Lightning, so using Lightning based attacks or enchantments are an effective way to take them down.
Eye for an eye (quest walkthrough)

Eye for an eye (quest walkthrough)

The Cyclops which resides on the Cobal Coast with two Harpies will re-spawn every 7 days. Sleep at the Encampment and return two more times to slay the Cyclops until the quest is completed.


Despite the quest mentioning South Gransys and The Watergod's Altar as locations, any Cyclopes slain will count towards the total needed to complete the quest.

Cyclops spawn locations are: