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Farewell, Valmiro
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Come to Court
Dying of Curiosity
Black Freakish Scale
Hydra Gallstone

Farewell, Valmiro is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Valmiro has grown tired of life in the village and yearns to see the world. Help outfit him for high adventure.


In Cassardis speak with Valmiro to start the quest. Valmiro explains to you that he is tired of staying in the village, and wishes to venture out. He then asks you for a number of items he believe he will need.

This Quest becomes available after completing Come to Court.

Gather Items for Valmiro (1)

  • Help Valmiro prepare for his journey by fetching the healing items he requested. Potent Greenwarish ought suffice.

Gather Items for Valmiro (2)

  • Help Valmiro prepare for his journey by fetching the light source he requested. A Lantern would work.

Gather Items for Valmiro (3)

  • Help Valmiro prepare for his journey by fetching the food he requested. Sour Ambriosial Meat would serve well.

Gather Items for Valmiro (4)

  • Help Valmiro prepare for his journey by fetching the good-luck piece he requested. A Pilgrim's Charm ought to do.

Move Valmiro's Equipment

  • Take the provisions Valmiro gathered for his journey to the location he specified.

Quest Successful

  • Valmiro is well prepared for his journey. Quest reward received.


In order to start the quest meet Valmiro in Cassardis on the lookout area outside of the Fishermans house where Mayra and Merin live to the left of the destroyed house.

After his previous attempts at adventuring he has set his sights on a larger adventure. In order for him to be able to leave he needs a set of items for his journey. Some of these are rare, but at this point of the game they should be in your inventory if you ventured out and about in Gransys.

Gather Items for Valmiro (1)Edit

Valmiro's first requirement is a Potent Greenwarish. If you don't have one you can create one by combining a Greenwarish and a Sweet Pollen. Greenwarish may be bought from Aestella's and Sweet Pollen can be found on Seabreeze Trail. After giving him the Potent Greenwarish he asks for another item.

Gather Items for Valmiro (2)Edit

He requires a light source for his journey now. If you have a Lantern give it to him, if not you may buy one from Aestella's. After giving him the item he asks for another item still.

Gather Items for Valmiro (3)Edit

He needs a Sour Ambrosial Meat this time and this item may be hard to procure. If you have an Ambrosial Meat in your storage you can put it in your inventory and sleep for about 3 days at Pablos' Inn until it turns "sour". If you have no Ambriosial Meat in your inventory you must travel to the Ancient Quarry and retrieve one from about halfway into the mine. It is stored in one of the boxes in the larger area where you fight the first Ogre. It has also been confirmed that a Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat can be used as a substitute if you already have one in your inventory. Ambrosial meats are rare drops from killing Oxen, Griffins, and the offline Ur-Dragon

When obtained give the item to Valmiro and he will ask for one more item.

Gather Items for Valmiro (4)Edit

Valmiro now requires a Pilgrim's Charm. These can be bought from Fournival in Gran Soren, but it may be easier and cheaper to travel to the Soulflayer Canyon and acquire one there for free. If you want to go this route go to Heavenspeak Fort and travel beyond it to reach the west entrance to Soul Flayer Canyon and enter from the secondary entrance. From the secondary entrance kill the 3 Hobgoblins and 6 Snow Harpies, then take the right fork toward the wooden scafolding. Take the right wooden walkway to the ladder but do not go down. A Pilgrim's Charm (it will look like a sack) is laying in the right corner near a spider and a treasure chest containing gold. A Pilgrim's Charm can also be crafted by combining a Veteran's Periapt and a Banker's Periapt.

Once you have the item give it to Valmiro for a cutscene.

Move Valmiro's EquipmentEdit

Valmiro is ready to set off, but needs all his goods transferred to his boat on the shore. There are four robust boxes in total so this is quickly done with a party of four. Pick up a box and take it to Valmiro's boat in on the beach. You can jump down the edges for a shortcut. If you have fewer than 3 pawns in your party you are required to make multiple trips. Once all boxes are placed in the vicinity of the boat a cutscene will trigger.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

After the cutscene Valmiro leaves Cassardis and is effectively removed from the game unless he is your love interest. You are rewarded with some rare items namely: Malecryst, Black Freakish Scale, Hydra Gallstone. Items which normally can only be obtained Post-Game.


  • Completing this quest removes Valmiro from the game.
  • This quest becomes unavailable after Deny Salvation. (As of 8/19/2013 this quest was completed after Deny Salvation. If the quest becomes unavailable, it is due to another factor.)

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