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Farewell, Valmiro
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Come to Court
Dying of Curiosity
Black Freakish Scale
Hydra Gallstone

Farewell, Valmiro is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


Valmiro has grown tired of life in the village and yearns to see the world. Help outfit him for high adventure.


This Quest becomes available after completing Come to Court. Help Valmiro prepare and set out on his big adventure.


Speak with Valmiro in Cassardis on the lookout area outside of the Fisherman's House overlooking the docks. Valmiro explains that he is tired of staying in the village, and wishes to venture out. He then asks for a number of items he believes he will need on his journey.

Gather Items for Valmiro (1)Edit

Valmiro's first request is a Potent Greenwarish. One can be created by combining a Greenwarish and a Sweet Pollen. Greenwarish may be bought from Aestella's and Sweet Pollen can be found on Seabreeze Trail.

Gather Items for Valmiro (2)Edit

Second, Valmiro requests a light source for his journey. Give him a Lantern, available for purchase from Aestella's.

Gather Items for Valmiro (3)Edit

Third, he requests a rare item, a Sour Ambrosial Meat. Ambrosial Meat, obtained as a rare item from Oxen, Griffins, and the offline Ur-Dragon - it will sour after 3 days into the required item. Alternatively the meat can be found in the Ancient Quarry.

Valmiro will also accept Kept Sour Ambrosial Meat.

Gather Items for Valmiro (4)Edit

Fourth, Valmiro requests a Pilgrim's Charm. These can be bought from Fournival in Gran Soren for 70,000 Gold, but it far less expensive to simply travel to Soulflayer Canyon and acquire one there for free.

A Pilgrim's Charm can also be crafted by combining a Veteran's Periapt and a Banker's Periapt.

Move Valmiro's EquipmentEdit

Valmiro is ready to set off, but needs all his goods carried to his boat on the shore. There are four robust boxes in total so can be accomplished in a single trip with a party of four. Pick up a box and carry it to Valmiro's boat on the beach below.

Once all boxes are placed in the vicinity of the boat, Valmiro will set sail for parts unknown.

Quest SuccessfulEdit

After the cutscene, Valmiro leaves Cassardis and is effectively removed from the game (unless he is the love interest).

Grateful, Valmiro awards a Malecryst, a Black Freakish Scale, and a Hydra Gallstone (all of which can normally only be obtained Post-Game).


  • Completing this quest removes Valmiro from the game (until New Game Plus).
  • Valmiro's wanderings include leaving the village for considerable periods of time. If he is not to be found in Cassardis, simply wait for him to return - he is usually around a day break, as he sleeps in the village.

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