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Fathom Deep
Fathom Deep
Quest Overview
Quest Giver
Quest Location
The Everfall (Post-Game)
A Warm Welcome
Next Quest
Final Judgement
75,000 Exp.
100 Rift Crystals
Main Quest

Fathom Deep is a quest available in Dragon's Dogma.


  • "The dark void of the Everfall seems without end. And yet you feel compelled to press on to some final destination."


Gather the Stones

  • Follow the pawn's instructions and collect the necessary number of Wakestones. Quince has started you off by giving you one Wakestone as well as a Ferrystone for a quick trip to the surface.

Deliver the Stones

  • Ferry the gathered Wakestones back to the pawn.

Jump into the Stones

  • Jump into the rift created by the Wakestones gathered.

Quest Successful

  • You've successfully gathered the 20 Wakestones. The portal is open and the final judgement awaits. Quest reward received.


This quest requires the player to gather 20 Wakestones. While this may seem to be quite a feat, it's actually quite easy. Contrary to the early part of the game, Wakestones and Wakestone Shards are much more abundant in Post-Game as opposed to before. Bosses are almost guaranteed to drop at least one Wakestone (if not more) and lesser enemies will frequently drop Wakestone Shards.

Another alternative is to defeat the Offline Ur-Dragon; upon its defeat, 20 Wakestones will automatically drop. This method, however, is not highly advised as the Offline Ur-Dragon can be quite difficult, especially at lower levels but it does allow the player to finish gathering all 20 Wakestones in one go.

Gather the Stones

  • The Everfall is a large multi-layered dungeon divided into sections and offers a large array of chances of receiving Wakestones. Please refer to The Everfall Chamber map for a more detailed guide on architecture and enemy list.

Deliver the Stones

  • Once 20 Wakestones have been gathered, and bring them back to Quince and prepare for the final battle. Please note that once you turn in the 20 Wakestones, The Everfall can no longer be accessed until subsequent playthroughs and is considered to be the point of no return. The game will ask if the player is sure about their decision.

Jump into the Stones

  • Jump into the portal created.

Quest Successful

  • Face what lies beyond and break the yoke that binds all Arisen.


  • DO NOT enter the portal made, if the player has no interest in ending the game or moving on to New Game Plus. Upon entering the portal, the player will be stuck at a point of no return. Both Retry and Retry from Last Checkpoint will place the player at the point after entering the portal. This effectively makes the Everfall and many Post-Game content inaccessible and will be forced to play through the entire storyline in New Game Plus in order to access The Everfall again.
  • Contrary to the early part of the game, gathering the Wakestones is far easier in the Everfall. Each big monster drops 2 to 3 Wakestones and smaller monsters each have a chance of dropping a fragment. Furthermore, chests have a chance of containing either a Wakestone or a fragment, and fragments can occasionally be found inside crates.
  • If the Arisen or Main Pawn are carrying a Drake's Tear, Wyrm's Tear, and Wyvern's Tear it will increase the drop rates in the Everfall for Wakestones and shards.
  • For those able, the Ur-Dragon in the Chamber of Lament drops exactly 20 Wakestones when defeated. Although still challenging, fighting it Offline is easier.

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