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Ferrystone is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A stone what may spirit the user back to Gran Soren, else the location of a portcrystal, in an instant."

Teleports the Arisen and their party to the location of any permanent or temporary Portcrystal.

One-time use per item.


Ferrystones are sold by Mountebank at The Black Cat for 20,000 G. Mountebank keeps an unlimited supply. (In Dark Arisen, the price has been reduced to 2,000 G.) Sold by Fournival also keeps a limited supply at 10,000 G, less if his opinion of the Arisen has been raised as a result of Trial and Tribulations. (In Dark Arisen Fournival's base price is reduced to 1,000 G.)

They are fairly common magickal items in Gransys, they can be found :

In Post-Game :

In Bitterblack Isle :

  • Found as random chest loot, though Liftstones are more common.
  • Occasionally drops from Strigoi.


  • Escort Quests can be easily finished via Ferrystone and Portcrystal. Beforehand, players can set up a Portcrystal to the quest location and simply Ferrystone to the location along with the Escort. Nullifying danger and saving time.
  • Attempted duplication at the Black Cat will give a non-functional Ferrystone Forgery.


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