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Ferrystone is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A stone what may spirit the user back to Gran Soren, else the location of a portcrystal, in an instant."

"Traversal item."



  • Ferrystones spawn in the center of the primary Portcrystal in Gran Soren outside the pawn guild, however the respawn rate is rather lengthy.
  • One can be found at the top of the Bluemoon Tower at the edge of the ruined part of the tower.
    • Only found directly after defeating Salomet.
  • Sold by Fournival for 10,000 G. Fournival only keeps 3 in stock at one time, though they will restock every day with one per day to a maximum of 3.
    • If proven innocent during the quest; Trials and Tribulations, then Fournival will sell Ferrystones for 9,000 G
    • As of Dark Arisen, the price has been reduced to 1,000 G or 900 G if proven innocent.



  • Escort Quests can be easily finished via Ferrystone and Portcrystal. Beforehand, players can set up a Portcrystal to the quest location and simply Ferrystone to the location along with the Escort. Nullifying danger and saving time.
  • Attempted duplication at the Black Cat will give a non-functional Ferrystone Forgery.


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