Ferrystone Forgery is an item available in Dragon's Dogma.


"A stone what may spirit the user back to Gran Soren, else the location of a portcrystal, in an instant. A forgery."

On tossing a Ferrystone Forgery into the air, as one would do with a real ferrystone nothing happens.. The forged item falls to the ground with a metallic clink, and sinks into the earth and is lost - a Ferrystone Forgery does not work as a normal Ferrystone.

Ferrystone Forgeries may be obtained from a grappled Succubus using Master Thief. They can also be obtained by forging either a Ferrystone or another Ferrystone Forgery at The Black Cat; forging a Ferrystone costs 3,000 G, while copying a Forgery costs 2,700 G.

Ferrystone forgery (1)

Failed throw of Ferrystone Forgery fell on the floor ..