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MK vs. Daimon Strategy: Hard Mode. Chain Perfect Blocking Grand Comestion. No Damage. No Consumables. Pawns Safe.

I was asked to make a vid of this way back last year, but never got around to it. Mainly because over the many months since then a lot of excellent MK vs. Daimon vids surfaced online, so I saw no further reason to.

A BIG respectful nod to them all, BTW! :)

Then I noticed the lack of vids Perfect Blocking powerful spells, plus many more were mostly solo runs. Shame about the lack of Pawns though, really - as I find their companionship endearing and unique. They make this game what it is, and as awesome as it is. Not to mention the fact that it's also a lot more fun and rewarding to party with them - but it's especially challenging against Daimon's Awakened Form - striving to keep the party alive from going under an Abyssal Vortex makes it worthy of an Arisen's duties! :p

However, to each and their own of course, so cheers! ;)

Be vigilant and keep an eye on Daimon if performing a chain of Perfect Blocks and visibility is obscured. As in the case at 00:33, on Grand Frigor, I high-tail my Arisen out of harm's way (poison), when I noticed Daimon casting Miasma (early on) as she had already started to Perfect Block. Kinda fitting to see the game slow-down just as she jumps out of the poisonous Miasma bubble then, ready to block Daimon's melee strike in mid-air - too bad he missed though. :)

Always initiate a Perfect Block counter when Daimon dives by with a sweep attack, even though it may appear he'll miss you completely - most of the time he won't. However, at the most unlikely of times, the opposite is true; case in point at 1:26, it looks as though the dive-by attack struck my Arisen's shield, but nope, it completely missed! Didn't even touch her. Nonetheless, you can see that I had her initiate the Perfect Block counter - better to be safe than sorry. At times he may even make a U-turn to sweep with the end part of the attack, so be prepared.

Perhaps the most difficult of all moves to avoid -- if you run with a similar Skills Set to mine -- is the Death Grab, as seen at 1:37 and at 1:55. Since this maneuver cannot be Perfect Blocked or Full Moon Slashed - it must be avoided at all costs! However, you should have no issues avoiding the attack with either Blink, Burst or Blitz Strike. If you don't have either of these skills equipped, do as I do; and at the right interval, sprint under his left arm to escape - do not touch his legs!

If Daimon is far away with his right hand aglow, anticipate an incoming attack. Jog to his left, at an angle, for a bit (NO sprinting), and when he closes in, veer sharply with a SPRINT under his left arm at the last minute! He won't have enough time to intercept you, let alone to make a sharp turn. All of this happens very quickly! So pay extra attention! If you prematurely start sprinting to his left from afar, you'll leave your Arisen open to a greater degree in circumference of being intercepted. You must veer away at the last minute, as shown in the vid! This can take a lot of practice, but once mastered, it's like riding a bicycle. ;)

Daimon's first form's Rift Vortex is very easy to foil with a Ruinous Sigil 0:58, since the vacuum is both minimal and it drains very little stamina. His Awakened Form's Abyssal Vortex is devastatingly powerful though and rapidly drains stamina - spelling the end for Pawns if he's not foiled from it in time. Both forms' vortexes are predicated on the 'timing' of damage he receives: the depletion in health past the 'point' where he'll initiate the attack.

If your damage is far too great and he's caught in mid-animation of various other attacks, you can easily breach way beyond the initiation 'point' of his Vortex attack, and by then he may not even Vortex you until it's too late, or at very low health!

In most cases, with its health indicative of this - and as you learn to gauge this pattern - you'll notice that the first form will begin pacing about as if looking for his missing keys. At times he'll even pace toward you, to hopping about without attacking before finally unleashing a Rift Vortex. Same thing with the Awakened Form; he'll float about woozily, sometimes toward you, or back and forth, to circling about before unleashing an Abyssal Vortex.

At 3:55 I notice him woozily floating about and make a preemptive sprint behind the broken pillar to set up TWO Great Cannons. Even a low profile obstacle such as this - some distance away from the epicenter, not up close - is enough to completely shield your Arisen from the immense pull of the Abyssal Vortex.

Oh, and LOL, of all things, at 4:18 I get a knock at the door -- which explains why my Arisen idled as Daimon recovered. Contemplating, I then decided to quickly finish the game off before answering the door - but later, told the visiting friend; "To Know You, Is To Curse You!" :p

Anyways, good hunting and thanks for watching! :D

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